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Finance Major: BU vs CUNY Baruch (which is better?)


Replies to: Finance Major: BU vs CUNY Baruch (which is better?)

  • taxguytaxguy 6244 replies385 threadsRegistered User Senior Member
    I don't mean to be offensive to anyone, but why would anyone take BU over a school like Baruch for business! You have to be either crazy, or have more money than "sense," absent some great scholarship from BU.

    Yes, I understand the "college environment" desire;however, Baruch is a very underrated school for business. They have top notch programs, have great business facilities, have fabulous alumni connections and is located in arguably one of the best cities for a college student in the US. To pay multiple times the tuition at BU is totally insane to me UNLESS you get a great scholarship from them. Just my two cents.
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  • CC AdminCC Admin 29516 replies2985 threadsAdministrator Senior Member
    I came across this board accidentally, but the question seemed worth my time to answer..

    If you have access to the Honors College at Baruch, then you should choose it in a heartbeat. It offers so much, and sets high expectations for you as a student. I don't want to sound like I'm advertising it too much, but what you get is free tuition, a $7,500 one-time credit to finance any study aboard programs, unpaid internships or side businesses / entrepreneurial projects you want to start over your four years, some extra side scholarhip money to buy all your books (approx 600 per semester) and whatever the new model Macbook is. Students entering next year will probably also get an iPod Touch as well from the education discount...****ing bastards. The requirements are that you have to maintain a 3.5 GPA, do some community service and you must study abroad at least once or have an internship registered with the college before you graduate, which is all pretty easy if youre being dedicated to your work. The Baruch job board is pretty good as well, and the Honors College has its own that it doesnt spread around. Every summer some 5-10 kids go from Honors to work at NYLife as a paid summer intern (approx $20 / hour), guaranteed.

    To replay to an earlier question, getting into honors after being a freshman actually doesnt do anything for you, because all the perks are only for students that are accepted into the "Macaulay Honors College", which is a separate entity and encompasses most of the CUNY schools. Macaulay Honors College | Campuses that would be the website. Most kids I know that do well in Baruch during their freshman year get an easy transfer into NYU Stern as well..I know three kids that did that in their freshman year and still come back to Baruch for the gym. I wouldn't say the education is that much different than other college or if theres a difference between honors and regular Baruch, they just throw extra incentives at you, so if you're looking for a solid education and really great job opportunities then hit up Baruch. A big thing would be to be active in some sort of business club / honors society, because almost all of them have exclusive scholarships and internships for their members.

    I had similar qualms when I was applying to colleges but I picked Baruch over BU and NYU because come on...they literally pay me to go here. You can either go out $100k in debt or be in the black. Even if you were to be a regular Baruch student the tuition is only going to be $2,000 per semester instate. Anyone that says going to Baruch is like high school again has to get a life and actually go out sometime. They throw parties, real parties, in the multipurpose room here just about every month, with free beer and food. Just join a club or a fraternity and you should be fine, thats what most kids do at "real colleges" anyway.

    /endrant I graduate from here next year and I felt it worth defending.
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  • TUOwls2011TUOwls2011 728 replies0 threads- Member
    BU is/was a total waste of money. Unless you've got money, or got a large scholarship, you're better off elsewhere.
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