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Most popular major

ZellZell 5 replies1 threads New Member
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I'm really curious: business/finance seems to be the most popular major in the nation, according to the Princeton Review. Why is that? I was thinking that math majors would kind of increase due to stuff like Maple and SAS, but it's not even on the radar screen in most colleges. I'm a Stats major doing Acturial stuff so I like to understand the boring statistics behind stuff like this :D
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Replies to: Most popular major

  • OneOne 135 replies17 threads Junior Member
    I'm pretty sure most people could handle a math major, but the work is hard and programs like Maple/Matlab/Mathematica are geared towards research. So they aren't used (at all) in financial fields.
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  • JapherJapher 1338 replies11 threads Senior Member
    Probably because it's an "I don't really know what I want to do with my life, so I'm going to major in this" type of degree, it keeps the most doors open after graduation. If you really knew what you were going to do you could probably narrow it down some.
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  • steeveesteevee 766 replies62 threads Member
    Finance = money. I like money, therefore I major in finance.

    At least, that's what I think goes on inside the head of most finance majors.
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  • maciekmgmaciekmg 15 replies1 threads New Member
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