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DUKE Fuqua or UCLA Anderson

DrWalesDrWales 0 replies1 threads New Member
Hello guys,

I'm am experiencing a really happy problem, having to choose between Fuqua or Anderson.

My background:

I worked on investment banking for 4 years and 1 on a real estate developer.
I am from LatinAmerica and it would be great after the MBA to land a job on USA.

I am happy to explore jobs on Real Estate, Tech or Banking (asset management o inv. banking)

In favor for DUKE I feel that:
1) Has a better Brand that UCLA and have the chance to land a job throughout USA while UCLA I see it more centered on California only.
2) Stronger Alumni Network (TEAM FUQUA BRAND), even though Anderson has a strong alumni network too.
3) GATE initiative will help me open my mind to new cultures.
4) Finance Certificate and interesting concentrations to follow.
5) Better Ranked (if that matters...)
6) Very focused on Consulting jobs.

In Favor of UCLA I feel that:
1) Great Real Estate background, with the RE Center, RE Association, RE Career Path and LA being a prime location for that
2) Great Tech Background, with the Tech Association, Tech Career Path and California being a naturally tech market.
3) I feel that could be a weaker in the finance than Duke.
4) More people landing jobs on my actual area interest.

In General
1) LA I feel it more attractive to live but my wife feels Durham.. so it is a match.
2) In LA I feel that there are more jobs opportunities for my wife (en eventually me part time while studying) than on Durham.
3) In the scenario of wanting to move Out California, maybe the Duke Brand is stronger (Europe, north east USA, etc)
4) Both have recreational clubs that suits my hobbies.
5) In an economical analysis, I got a bigger scholarship on UCLA (30k more than Fuqua) so they are kind of matched, but still LA is a expensier city...
6) It may look pretty the "California Experience", but there is a B-Side of it, traffic jams, etc that I am not aware at... but something simiilar could happen on Durham
7) UCLA weather beats Durham... but not for that
8) Excellent professors on both of them.
9) Maybe more prestigious elite alumni on Duke (Tim Cook for example).

What do you think?
Is there anything I could be missing? Or some edge I am not covering?
Being from that far away blurs a bit preceptions!

Thanks a lot!!!!
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