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What benefits will an MBA (probably in technology) provide for someone with a BS in CS?

ummsailummsail 93 replies6 threads Junior Member
Disclaimer: I just want to throw this question out there for some insight. I'm not even in college yet, I'm a high school senior, but I am still thinking about my postgraduate prospects. I'll be starting my freshman year of college, majoring in Computer Science, this fall.

Although I'm trying to stay very open minded about the future, I plan to start working right after graduation, to start paying off my undergrad school loans, and start saving up for larger future expenses.... like going back to school for a Masters. I originally intended to go back as an English or Philosophy major, but I think that an MBA could be of great value as well. The reason I want to enter these fields of study is to broaden my skill set and diversify my learning experiences. I tend to lean towards the humanities, in terms of general interest, but because I have an aptitude for STEM fields, I'm planning to pursue a degree in CS. I don't want to get stuck in any single mindset. It might be too early to pose such questions, but I don't think it hurts to ask.

Is an MBA worth the time taken off of a job, the money lost from leaving a steady paycheck for full-time schooling and tuition, and the hold put on my personal life? How do you know when you should get an MBA (right after undergrad, after being established in career, etc.)? What advantages, if any, will I have in the job market, and achieving financial stability (if that's even possible after paying off expensive grad school loans haha)? What can I do with an MBA? Does it open up more career opportunities? Is it possible to double major, with English?

Thank you for reading this far!
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Replies to: What benefits will an MBA (probably in technology) provide for someone with a BS in CS?

  • happy1happy1 23821 replies2384 threads Super Moderator
    edited March 2018
    Take one step at a time. This is really premature. And any meaningful answer will be based on an individual's particular situation at the time including (but not limited to) the job he/she would be giving up (not just money, but is it a personally satisfying job or is he/she looking for something else), the quality of MBA program he/she could get into (would the person get into a top tier MBA program?), personal situation (married? children?), undergraduate debt remaining, what he/she ultimately wants in a career etc.

    For the record you cannot double major with a humanities subject for a MBA. The MBA is strictly a business degree and people in the program take only business coursework. When the time comes you should google some MBA programs and get a sense of the majors and classes offered.
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  • uskoolfishuskoolfish 2908 replies50 threads Senior Member
    Most people attend top MBA programs after working 4 to 5 years. The average age is about 27/28. Way too early for you to worry about this.
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