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MBA or Computer Science MS?

csbusiness2020csbusiness2020 1 replies1 threads New Member
Hi everyone,

First time poster here, just needed some input from the community about some upcoming decisions.

I'm currently a junior at a decent sized state school studying computer science. (ok program, not super well connected to career opportunities because the school does not have an engineering department– just a standalone CS department).
I am planning for the future right now and wonder if a Masters in computer science or an MBA would be more beneficial for me post-graduation.

I am majoring in CS and minoring in Business Administration currently. My anticipated graduation is spring 2020, which is a year early. The only reason I mention this is because this means one less summer to get an internship that could turn into a job.

I'm looking to start my own company as a technical co-founder with someone who is even more technical than myself. Hopefully within the next five years. I think it's possile that I could end up working in industry as a software developer for a few years before starting the business, but genuinely am not excited about working for someone else.

So really, the question is: what do you all think? Would it be better to immediately get a CS masters, immediately get an MBA, or go into industry then do one of the two?

Thanks for reading and sorry for the long winded post.
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