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MAcc - Wake Forest vs Ohio State

accountingonitaccountingonit 0 replies1 threads New Member
Hey CC, I have a tough choice to make. Hoping someone with experience at either school can chime in.

I have been admitted for MAcc programs at Wake Forest and Ohio State. My undergrad degree is not accounting and I have 2 non accounting internships on my resume.

Wake Forest has offered me a scholarship for 80% of their tuition while Ohio State offered 55% tuition and a $950 monthly stipend for TA'ing. I will pay ~17k at Wake (2k summer class plus 3 semesters at 5k) or ~20k at Ohio State (10k per semester).

Wake Forest is a 3 semester program with a busy season internship (~10k in income but a lot would go to rent for intern housing) while Ohio State is a regular 2 semester program where I will need to recruit directly into a full time role.

Because of the extra semester, I will likely have more student loans out of Wake even though the tuition cost is lower. I will need to cover rent and other living expenses for additional months with loans and a part time job.

However, the big advantage of Wake is being able to recruit into an intern role instead of FT, which I am told is much easier. I am looking to land at a B4 Audit position in Chicago.

Does anyone have personal experience with either school or other general advice?

TL;DR - Ohio State is more affordable, Wake has better recruiting options. Which should I choose?
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Replies to: MAcc - Wake Forest vs Ohio State

  • UCBUSCalumUCBUSCalum 1140 replies4 threads Senior Member
    Which school do the large accounting firms, including the Big 4, recruit most at? I am guessing Ohio State since it has a higher ranked MBA program and probably the same for MAcc. If you want to work in Chicago, the Big 4 or the next tier, i.e., BDO, Grant Thornton would be good for future opportunities if you should leave those firms. Also, since OSU is physically closer to Chicago than Wake Forest, OSU might get more large firms recruiting there.
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  • UCBUSCalumUCBUSCalum 1140 replies4 threads Senior Member
    Though the internship appears to be guaranteed, I am also assuming the internship is not with a Big 4 or next tier firm.
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  • chb088chb088 1090 replies32 threads Senior Member
    I got mine at UNC and they had the ability to place over 95% of us at Big 6 (it was Big 6 back then) firms anywhere in the country. Maybe you could call and talk to their directors of recruitment?
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  • contrametumcontrametum 146 replies20 threads Junior Member
    I spoke with career center reps at both schools. Ohio State told me that Chicago is competitive and not everyone who wants Big 4 there will get it. Wake Forest said it is a market they need to act on early, but otherwise is not typically a problem. They don't send many to Chicago but it's more out of lack of interest than lack of ability to place there.

    Wake Forest places a ton to Big 4 (I think 80%+ from my talks with students). They also offer a Financial Transaction Services track which could lead to more advisory type work which I would enjoy.

    I know this recruitment is supposed to be pretty regional and it is best to be close to your top city, but it seems like Wake is more confident on getting me there. Of course it could just be that Ohio State is more realistic while Wake is trying to sell me on the program.
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  • rickle1rickle1 2421 replies21 threads Senior Member
    Three things about Wake’s program:

    1.100% placement ( yes I know that sounds break but it’s real- most of them with Big4 offers including many with multiple Big 4 offers.

    2. Fin Transaction Services Track is a unique program and heavily recruited. Very possible up go straight to Advisory where most kids have to spend a few yrs in audit before lateral move.

    3. Wake’s 1st time taking CPA exam pass rate is off the charts. #1 in the country for something like 13 of the last 18 yrs. essentially in the top 5 every yr.

    The busy season internship is a big deal
    And gets tons of full time offers
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  • contrametumcontrametum 146 replies20 threads Junior Member
    I appreciate the analysis but I ended up choosing Ohio State. Being geographically close to where I want to be post grad seemed to make the most sense and the OSU kids don't seem to have any trouble getting to the Big 4.
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  • rickle1rickle1 2421 replies21 threads Senior Member
    Congrats and best of luck!
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