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MBA or Undergrad Business Major?

procakeprocake 19 replies7 threads Junior Member
Should I still do the MBA if I major in business for my undergraduate years? I am planning to work for a few of years in the US then start my own company or take over the family business. Is getting the MBA redundant if I major in business? Is it more difficult to get into a top MBA school if I major in business for undergrad?
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Replies to: MBA or Undergrad Business Major?

  • UCBUSCalumUCBUSCalum 1140 replies4 threads Senior Member
    That is a question you have to answer for yourself. Sometimes a top MBA will open the door for other positions or give you a different prospective or view on business. Also an MBA can compliment or supplement knowledge you were not able to acquire from taking undergraduate business classes. If you are just taking over a family business or starting your own, you may not need one.

    If you have an undergraduate degree in business, getting into a top MBA school (i.e. top 10 to 15), is not any more difficult than other applicants with degrees other than business or economics. You also have to evaluate whether it is worth it to forego a couple years of salary to be a full time student. In addition, there are a couple high ranking MBA schools which offer part time MBA programs, i.e., UCB Haas, Wharton, etc.
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  • PublisherPublisher 10359 replies130 threads Senior Member
    edited April 2019
    With an undergraduate degree in business, an MBA is unnecessary. Look at one year master's degrees in specialty areas.

    After working for 10 years, an Executive MBA becomes an option to consider if wanting to expend contacts & knowledge.

    A full time MBA would be mostly redundant, but if obtained from an elite MBA program, it can help switch industries.

    P.S. The fact is that full time 2 year MBA programs are prohibitively expense when opportunity costs (lost income) is factored in. Total cost becomes about $400,000 for an MBA from an elite program when lost income is added in.
    edited April 2019
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