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Chance me??

saelidysaelidy 1 replies4 threads New Member
Chance me for Early Decision?
major: environmental engineering

Coming from a competitive public school in Idaho, I'm in the top 20% of my class and am still rising.

Weighted: 3.98
Unweighted: 3.78
Cal Poly GPA: 4.0 with 8 semester cap

SAT - 2070
Math - 680
CR - 660
Writing - 730

Grades were straight A's with 1 or 2 B's up until my junior year.

AP's taken: (Junior Year)
AP Calc AB - 5 C/B
AP US History - 5 B/B
AP Chemistry - 4 B/B
AP Langauge/Comp - 5 A/A
AP Spanish - no test A/A

AP's currently taking (senior year)
AP Calc BC
AP Stats
AP Econ Micro/Macro
AP Physics
AP Literature/Comp
AP Government
+ 1 other, TBD

I played the cello for 7 years but had to drop orchestra my senior year in order to take both math classes, scheduling conflict.
Ran cross country/track until sophomore year when an injury took me out.

+216 hours of work experience
+around 180+ hours of extracirricular/volunteer hours
+deep involvement with a historical architecture research group that's spread through the country
+spanish club, GSA, muffin club - for GSA I was vice president my senior year and president for the upcoming school year.
+working with another, larger scale gay rights group that works with statewide coalitions

do i have a chance at early decision/admission in general? :)
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