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Admissions from SLO

engineerismeengineerisme 219 replies19 threads Junior Member
edited December 2011 in Cal Poly San Luis Obispo
So what is the earliest anyone hears if they get into SLO? Do you get requests apply to the honors program early like you do from Pomona?

I already have a request to apply to the honors college at Pomona and am worried about SLO.
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  • OsakaDadOsakaDad 1183 replies17 threads Senior Member
    My kid was among the first 200 students selected for admission RD last year. The acceptance email notification came on February 22, 2011. I believe that his status on My Cal Poly changed a couple of days prior to the email. So, I think that the earliest you can expect notification is the third week of February. We know this because we called the Admissions Department to ask if it was a mistake because we were repeatedly told that no notifications would come out until April. They told us then that he was among the first 200.

    The Honors program at SLO is not similar to the one at Pomona. The Kellogg Honors College at Pomona has real teeth. As I mentioned in my last post, that program gives you many opportunities. For example, priority registration, special smaller classes, travel opportunities, special access to administrators, housing, etc., etc. It really gives you many tangible benefits.

    The SLO Honors program is nothing like that. For example, you will not be invited into the program, you must pursue it yourself. Also, there is no priority registration. This is actually the most practical part of the Pomona program. We looked into both schools and my kid applied and was accepted to the Kellogg Honors College, but decided not to apply to the one at SLO. I guess that you can say that at SLO the entire school is like being in an Honors program. Some folks like it and it looks good on a resume, but my kid decided not to pursue it and he is on the Dean's List at SLO now.

    With regards to priority registration at SLO, my kid said there are only a few options. Disabled folks, military veterans, and intercollegiate athletes (not clubs) get priority registration. Also, everyone gets three quarters of priority registration but you must use them strategically and no freshman can use it.

    My kid turned down 5 UC's for SLO and seriously considered Pomona. If he chose Pomona then he would have taken advantage of the Honors college there. However, at SLO he feels more than challenged by the regular curriculum and chose to put his energy into clubs and projects rather than divert that time to pursuing the Honors program there. Still check it out on the school website and make your own decision.
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  • engineerismeengineerisme 219 replies19 threads Junior Member
    Thanks so much!
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