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Majors & Getting In

rrunnerr1rrunnerr1 2 replies4 threads New Member
Hi All -
I love Cal Poly SLO and it is my top choice but I am just not sure I'll be able to get in. My plan is to major in business administration and apply early decision. My question is, is there a similar major that may be easier to get into? i have heard that Cal Poly's business school is tough to get into and I just don't have the best numbers (1770 SAT, 3.6 A-G GPA. yikes). Any feedback about Cal Poly's business school, applying early decision, or other prospective majors is greatly appreciated!
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Replies to: Majors & Getting In

  • NCalRentNCalRent 6227 replies14 threads Senior Member
    It is a very good school. As you seem to know, your GPA and SAT are below average - meaning you have a pretty slim chance of gaining admission. A higher SAT would help somewhat, so you may want to take it again. Applying ED may help.

    UCR, SDSU, Long Beach and Chico.are all viable options with good biz programs.

    Good luck.
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  • ralph4ralph4 384 replies9 threads Member

    Based on the most recent admissions targets (found at the above link), you would have a much better chance applying to Agricultural Business in CAFES than to Business Administration in the OCOB if you think you would enjoy studying business in that context. Good luck!
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  • NTKS17NTKS17 535 replies15 threads Member
    If you are serious about Cal Poly, definitely apply early decision. Business is one of the more difficult majors to transfer into, so I would be cautious if you're planning to apply to a major that's know for being easier to get into and then switch to business.



    Also, as long as they haven't changed the admissions process in the last couple of years since I've been there, even if you're not accepted early decision, they'll still consider you for regular decision. I think at this point, your best bet is to try to get your SAT score up. I would also recommend taking the ACT, as some people tend to find this test suits their strengths better than the SAT (I know I did). You should be able to chose to only submit the test score for the test you did better on.
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  • GumbymomGumbymom 28896 replies214 threadsForum Champion UC Forum Champion
    I agree with @NTKS17 that trying to get into SLO by the "back door" may backfire on you since switching from a less competitive major to a more competitive major can be tough. If you are a rising senior, there is not much you can do with your GPA at this point, so retake the SAT or try the ACT. Apply ED as planned. Make sure you have some solid match and safety schools on your list. As suggested by @NCalRent, there are many other good business programs in which you would have a much better chance at an acceptance. Good Luck.
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