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PCV Experience

imnotsureimnotsure 5 replies4 threads New Member
I'm an incoming freshman and I was assigned to live in PCV.

I heard that freshmen shouldn't live here because it's not as social as the dorms.

Any comments (negative or positive) about the experience here, especially from a freshman's perspective, would be helpful.

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  • NTKS17NTKS17 535 replies15 threads Member
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    My boyfriend lived their back in 2009-2010, which was our freshman year. PCV was brand new then. I don't think they originally intended to put freshmen there our year, but I guess there was some extra space, so rather than crowd people in overflow rooms or create more triples in the dorms (which they've done anyway now), they put some freshmen in PCV. He seemed to enjoy living there his freshman year. He's kinda nerdy though (and I mean that in the best way possible), so he didn't care about dorm parties or anything like that. He met some good friends through his csc major and ended up living with them the following year.

    I think now they're putting all freshmen in one building in PCV. Plus for freshmen, most of the apartments will have like 6 people, so it's kinda like a mini dorm. I would be more worried about sharing a 9x12 foot room converted to be a double, but intended to be a single, if I were you (assuming you've been assigned to a shared bedroom. If you have a single though, that's awesome). But for real, i lived in PCV for 3 years and those rooms are tiny.
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