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Honest opinion on my General Engineering chances?

ShmeeBoyShmeeBoy 0 replies1 threads New Member
Hi there,

I applied to the general engineering major in the class of 2024. I'm an out of state applicant and my MCA score is 4475, which I know is generally not great for the college of engineering.

However, I heard it was an easier major to be admitted into than some of the other engineering majors? If I got in, I would probably try to switch majors after my first quarter into a more specialized engineering major, which I heard is doable if its within the same college.

Anyway, I was just hoping someone could give me an honest opinion on if I even have a chance. It's one of my top choices! I can provide more info if that's necessary for an honest assessment. I know my chances aren't amazing, so just give me an idea!

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Replies to: Honest opinion on my General Engineering chances?

  • GumbymomGumbymom Forum Champion UC 29855 replies324 threads Forum Champion
    Here is some MCA data from last year to help gauge your chances.

    General Engineering
    Not sure of MCA - around 4919?

    General Engineering

    General Engineering
    4700 appox
    3.8 CP GPA
    OOS (CO)

    Last years projections was 520 applicants for General Engineering for 60 spots. Of course, SLO accepts more students than actually enroll so depending upon yield, the acceptance rate could hover around 35%??

    Best of luck.

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