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Dry Campus?

wallstreetjoshwallstreetjosh 61 replies28 threads Junior Member
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One of my teachers, himself a SLO graduate, told me Cal Poly has a no alcohol policy. Is this true, and if it is, is it effective in preventing thousands of 18-22 year olds from drinking?

I've always thought Cal Poly was a more moderate, conservative campus, without a reputation for a great deal of partying, like UCSB or San Diego State. How much of a party school is SLO when compared to the other schools in the state?
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Replies to: Dry Campus?

  • linguaelinguae 60 replies9 threads Junior Member
    Cal Poly is a dry campus; no alcohol is allowed on campus (although they're loosening up a bit on this rule; there was a wine event during Homecoming, and a tailgate event for Homecoming that allowed alcohol). As far as on campus drinking goes, they do enforce this in the dorms.

    However, while Cal Poly is not known for being a party school, there is a strong party element at the school. Don't let its reputation of being a tough engineering school fool you into believing that Cal Poly is free from the partying, drinking atmosphere of many other colleges. There is a prevalent drinking and partying culture at Cal Poly. They don't make up the majority of the students, and it wouldn't be right to call Cal Poly a "party school" (the party-goers don't do well), but they do exist.
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  • WhatsupWhatsup 83 replies21 threads Junior Member
    I can't speak for the whole campus itself, but come Thursday evening, the party is already starting in my dorms (it can get annoying when you're trying to study or sleep, but you get used to it). The dorms have a no-alcohol policy, but people sneak it in their fridges all the time. This is not to say Cal Poly is a party school. There is a good majority though who go out and party on frat row and hold dance parties inside the dorms.
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