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What's up Cal Poly San Luis Obispo?


Replies to: What's up Cal Poly San Luis Obispo?

  • naturelover8naturelover8 Registered User Posts: 5 New Member
    Thanks CalPolyEngineer and naixn92 for your responses. When she told us that it appears she was not accepted, we reacted more shocked than bummed...(actually, my husband was "****ed") because we saw her for 3 semesters (now 4) literally working her butt off!!! She studied and did homework for hours upon hours a day!!!! My husband wants me to call Admissions today, but I think that will be futile & probably make them more mad than helpful? Anyway, I agree that it doesn't matter what college you graduate from in the end, but what if SDSU doesn't accept her? She only applied to the two (assuming that w/ her grades she'd get into one of them). It's too late to apply to another one, right? Or, do some colleges accept people later on? I'm her Mom...it's my JOB to worry! Thanks everyone.
  • annikasorrensenannikasorrensen Registered User Posts: 1,487 Senior Member
    naturelover8: the budget crunch has finally hit the CSUs full force and it will probably get worse before it gets better. There are too many qualified kids chasing too few spots. That's all it is and it isn't personal to your daughter. The state doesn't have the funds.

    The options will be

    1) go to SDSU if they accept her
    2) take a gap year, reapply to a bunch of CA schools and hope it is better next year
    3) apply to privates still accepting applications (Stanford, maybe SCU)
    4) take a gap year, when reapplying be sure to hit a bunch of OOS publics and privates

    It is a bit of a shock when top students can't transfer to top choices of schools. The idea of matches and safeties has shifted because of the budget cuts and has caught many students (and their parents) by surprise. Many many many students.

    Time for Plan B in case Plan A doesn't work.
  • otc2010otc2010 Registered User Posts: 201 Junior Member
    SDSU decisions for first-time freshman started coming out last night. So, maybe the wait for transfers won't be too long.

    Private schools located in CA offering a CE major are SCU, LMU, and USC. I don't know if their deadline has been reached. CSULB has a note on their Eng page that they are accepting transfers with just 12 units - don't know when that message got posted. Chico's eng program ranks as well as SDSUs and may still be taking applications. Another option is the guaranteed admission to UC Davis - excellent CE program.

    U of A has a great CE program, apps are due something like Apr 1? It's expensive and I honestly don't know how that affects you CE credential. You may have to re-take the test for CA.

    I'd definitely get on the phone soon rather than later. I'm sure many will be in your daughter's situation this year.
  • naturelover8naturelover8 Registered User Posts: 5 New Member
    otc2010: I wish we would've known before she applied that Engineering for a transfer student is harder to get into...she may have applied for a different major? Oh well, what's done is done.

    We're going to look into the summer classes thing, but she has completed all the math that you listed (plus more) and the Physics. However, the ME, STAT, & CE classes weren't offered at the junior college that she's attending, so those she doesn't have yet.

    annikasorrensen: thank you for your input...i'll have to look up if there are any private schools still accepting (and where they are), unfortunately we put all of our eggs in two baskets (and one is gone now) - i'll have to look up what "OOS" schools are

    otc2010: thanks for listing the private schools that have CE majors....that helps my research a LOT! i'll look into UofA also, but I don't want her to go too far away :)

    any additional information would be great...thanks very much!
  • WatermarkWatermark Registered User Posts: 214 Junior Member
    naturelover, SCU's RD transfer deadline is April 15.
  • toscanitoscani Registered User Posts: 47 Junior Member
    Cal Poly SLO does an incrediable job communicating with prospective students and parents. We received a number of video messages from the campus from the 10th grade on. By the time it came to pick among offers of admission, SLO was a SLAM dunk...
  • tornadostornados Registered User Posts: 291 Junior Member
    Tell me your kidding Cal Poly Engineer. My mom went to "Cow Pie" (as we all know Cal Poly Pomona is called) and she talks all the time about the stench of cow manure there. Be fair, they are both agricultural schools and both of the smell like cow dung.
  • otc2010otc2010 Registered User Posts: 201 Junior Member
    "any additional information would be great..."

    Another option would be to take any remaining transferable classes at Cuesta and file a TAG to UCD. UCD has an excellent CE program and will guarantee entry into your requested major if you fullfill their requirements. Cuesta offers an excellent engineering-based course selection. Plus, I heard from a friend, that the kids say that love it because they enjoy all the positive interaction with the CPSLO student body.
  • takeitallintakeitallin Registered User Posts: 3,378 Senior Member
    CalPolyEngineer- you seem to be a bit over the top about SLO- is it possible you applied and didn't get in??? All kidding aside, I have no problem with Pomona. I attended SLO as an engineering student, but then lived near Pomona as I started my career. I actually loved where I lived near the Pomona campus, but as a working person with a family. The area just doesn't have the student life of SLO. As a student, there is nothing to compare to the SLO campus. The town is built up around the campus and it is a great atmosphere for any student. Beaches and mountains are so close- while I note that you posted on another thread that beaches are within 30 minutes of the Pomona campus, you must have used a helicopter as there is absolutely no way! It is ungodly hot in Pomona 4-5 months of the year and the smog hides the mountains on some days. The Pomona campus is actually on the very edge of Pomona in a very agricultural area. Pomona is a commuter campus. And while as an engineer, our firm found very competent engineers graduating from Pomona, over-all most companies love the graduates of SLO for their more hands-on approach. Pomona is a good school- but it's not SLO!
  • CalPolyEngineerCalPolyEngineer Registered User Posts: 182 Junior Member

    Yes you are right! I got rejected by the ubber-prestigious Cal Poly San Luis Obispo Department of Chemical Engineering (at par with MIT's). Unfortunately, I was merely admitted to their far-less known Materials Engineering department. Hey who knows! Now that they are having self-supported classes at most CSUs for the summer, we will see every CSU turning into "REAL" Cal Polys where 65% of the students are upper-middle class and they drive all the poor and genetically inferior to the CCC system... yay for eugenics! Warren J. Baker and Charles B. Reed should get a freaking medal!!!!
  • ZungraZungra Registered User Posts: 84 Junior Member
    Yep, you're definitely bitter.
  • mattrice92mattrice92 Registered User Posts: 66 Junior Member
    Good to see that someone else got the intense sarcasm there, for which I applaud you, CalPolyEngineer. But...what exactly warranted that? You know as well as I do that the people on College Confidential represent probably less than five percent of the people actually going to SLO.
  • takeitallintakeitallin Registered User Posts: 3,378 Senior Member
  • momofmvmomofmv Registered User Posts: 595 Member
    CalPolyEngineer^ I think it might be a good idea for you to move on and leave the CC site for CPSLO if it is upsetting you so much. You sound like you really like your school, so why are you on the CC site for CPSLO? Don't make the students and parents here feel bad about their school choice. The truth is that anyone who gets into college is very fortunate and needs to focus on making the best of their education.
  • naturelover8naturelover8 Registered User Posts: 5 New Member
    Okay, finally an update...my daughter called Cal Poly admissions (spoke to a very nice lady who didn't rush her) who said that they accepted 9 out of 283 applicants for the Civil Engineering slots!!!! What the heck?! I wasn't on the phone so I'm not sure, but it may have had an impact that she would have been a transfer student (already has an Associates in Math/Science & Liberal Arts ... again, 4.0 GPA). The lady was nice and looked her up and said something to the effect that "wow, you have unbelievable grades....blah, blah". Bottom line, there is nothing she can do about it. She asked about Cuesta and the lady said that even if she took summer classes there that it doesn't affect whether she is accepted at SLO or not. She said all schools that transfer in are considered the same...hmmmm? My daughter can not re-apply at SLO (I didn't think so), under a different major until 2011, so she has to let it go (and so do we). She hasn't heard from San Diego State yet...pray for her! Thanks for all the help.
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