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Change Major Process ICMA?

Socal70Socal70 306 replies20 threadsRegistered User Member
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Change of Major Policy - Academic Programs - Cal Poly

So for the section Individualized Change of Major Agreement (ICMA), I'm having trouble intrepreting this. Is it saying that if I fit the requirements, I'll be given two quarters to only take the courses for my target major+a G.E so I have my courses needed to change major? I know it's not guaranteed, but was wondering if this is what it means. Thank you.
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Replies to: Change Major Process ICMA?

  • 08alum08alum 53 replies0 threadsRegistered User Junior Member
    Yea that's how I understood it too. However, they left the ICMA open to interpretation and ultimately at the discretion of the adivsor/department head making the decision regarding the switch. You'll have two quarters to complete whatever academic plan they come up with.
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  • Socal70Socal70 306 replies20 threadsRegistered User Member
    Yes. I asked a friend there and that's exactly what it is. Though some majors are more tough and etc.
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