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Hey all,
After being waitlisted to Berkeley today my top choices have really been narrowed down to UCLA and USC and I'm really torn on what to choose. I've graciously been given a lot of financial aid and university grants at both UCLA and USC and tuition is nearly entirely paid for at both universities. I'm a pretty social person and I like the environment at both schools, but I've heard there's more of a lack of diversity at USC which I'm not really in favor of.

More importantly, in terms of academics, my major at USC is Human Biology and at UCLA its Pre Microbiology, Immunology, and Molecular Genetics. My future career goals aren't pre-med at the moment, they're more on the track of research and ultimately merging business and science together (biotech startup, something of that sort?)

Any insight any of you have would be really helpful to me!! Thank you!

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    I've heard there's more of a lack of diversity at USC which I'm not really in favor of.
    Which kind of diversity?

    Ethnic diversity: more at UCLA, but USC would still be considered quite ethnically diverse by national standards. For example, one rating of ethnic diversity has UCLA at #2 nationally (behind #1 Stanford) and USC at #6 nationally (ahead of #8 Berkeley). http://www.bestcolleges.com/features/most-diverse-colleges/

    Economic diversity: more at UCLA, thanks to the low in-state tuition.

    Geographic diversity: more at USC, because UCLA's admissions and tuition policies favor in-state residents. UCLA undergrad enrollment is around 78% Californians, with the rest split between other US states and internationals. At USC, non-Californians are in the majority.
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