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Good Schools for CS in NorCal/Central Cal

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New here,
I’m currently a junior in high school and am starting my search into potential colleges. I plan to hopefully major in CS and live in central Cal, hence why I’m looking for schools close to home.

Wondering if anyone could recommend some schools for me to look into... I know there’s the obvious ones like Stanford, UC Berkeley, and UC Davis however I’d say they’re pretty much reach schools for me.

I have a small list going that includes UC Merced, UC Santa Cruz, CSU Monterey Bay, and San Jose State, but 1) with the exception of Merced and SJ State I don’t know a ton about their CS programs and 2) with computer science now becoming a more popular major the competition is tough so I’m not sure if any of these would be truly be a good “safety” school.

If it helps, my current unweighted GPA is 3.6, not sure about weighted but I’ve been taking a few AP/Pre-AP classes. I’ve only taken one AP exam so far (Human Geo) and got a 4 on it, but am planning to a take a few this year (currently enrolled in APUSH, CS Principals, & AP English Lang. & Comp.). Took the PSAT 10th and got 1120... I probably could’ve done better if I had actually studied. I’ve also taken 3 UC/CSU transferrable college classes via dual enrollment with my local community college, doing another one this semester and next (so by the end of this year I should technically have one semester of college done!).
Haven’t done any sports because frankly I’m not an athletic type of person but I’ve done extracurriculars like Girls Who Code Club (1 year), Theatre Stagecraft (tech crew for the spring play), CSF (1 year-ongoing), Key Club (1 semester... kinda got disorganized and fell out) & Link Crew (ongoing).

My apologies for the lengthy post but if anyone could help thank you in advance! :)
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