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UCLA 12th grade coursework update

On my UC application, I stated that I was going to do concurrent enrollment during the spring semester (so it was planned). It did not end up working out for various reasons, but it was not a necessary class. I know that I still need to contact the UCs that I applied to and I have for most. When I go to contact UCLA, it states
"Freshmen student updates to coursework
7th-11th grade coursework
12th grade coursework (Note: we cannot guarantee that updates to 12th grade coursework will be considered in the review of your application)"
What does the Note mean? Do they mean that they will process my application as if I took the college course or do they mean that they don't care about the update because 12th grade isn't taken into consideration?
I'm not sure if anyone can help with this, I am just trying to ease my mind, so thank you to anyone who responds.
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Replies to: UCLA 12th grade coursework update

  • GumbymomGumbymom Forum Champion UC 29725 replies305 threads Forum Champion
    You are doing everything correct in notifying the UC’s that the planned class will not be taken. It just means if there is any discrepancy between your initial application and final transcript, they can reconsider your application and review your application again to determine if this has an impact. If accepted and you plan to enroll, make sure the school is aware of the schedule change before you send the final transcript.

    Since it is not a requirement, it should not be an issue.
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