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Cal State-Admissions

So my junior year I failed 1st semester of algebra 2. Then second semester I actually went back into algebra 1 second semester to make that a C or higher grade. I know what you’re thinking “who doesn’t pass algebra 1?” Well the teacher was basically nonexistent and when he was there, we would spend his time watching football and hitting on underage girls.
Anyways u fixed my algebra 1 grade.
Senior year came around and I passed Statistics with a B. So does that validate my F in algebra one first semester since stats is considered higher up in the mathematical hierarchy? Does that make me A-G “good” now?

But wait! There’s more....

Now I’m a senior and I got a D in Anatomy/physiology honors. My counselor told me not to sweat it though because I had already fulfilled all the A-G requirements for science. She told me this after I got the D FYI.

I applied to CSU’s only. They included: San Jose, San Diego, Long Beach, Sonoma, Northridge, and Fullerton.

Please send help. Thanks.
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  • GumbymomGumbymom 29188 replies253 threadsForum Champion UC Forum Champion
    Taking a higher level of Math will validate your D in Algebra 2 which was AP Stats.
    There is no grade validation for Science courses like Math or Foreign Language.

    A D Senior year is something that you should be worried about and your counselor is wrong. Schools like SDSU, Long Beach, Fullerton etc.. could rescind your admission if accepted.
    SDSU specifically states the following after you apply:

    Your admission may be rescinded for the following reasons:

    You did not complete the SDSU Supplemental Application by the published deadline.
    Your GPA or course grades are lower than what you reported on the application
    You miss any admission deadlines
    You earn D or F grades
    You misreported or did not complete a required course

    All admissions to the Cal states are provisional meaning you are suppose to pass all a-g courses especially Senior year with a C- or higher.

    Each CSU campus will handle your D grade differently. Some like Sonoma State will probably let the D slide as long as you have completed the minimum a-g course requirements. (Per your Counselor)

    Some CSU’s will wait until you have your 2nd semester grade in Anatomy and hopefully it is a C which will maintain your provisional admission.

    Some CSU’s like SDSU could rescind you since you earned a D grade. Impacted campuses have more qualified applicants than spots available, so they are more willing to rescind since they plenty of other applicants that have completed and passed all their a-g courses.

    What you can do now is contact each Cal state and find out what you need to do to keep any acceptances. Being proactive is important since school’s do not like surprises and if you end up enrolling and sending in your final transcript with the D grade without giving the schools proper notice, that will definitely be a reason for rescinding your acceptance.

    Best of luck.
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  • NCalRentNCalRent 6259 replies14 threads Senior Member
    I agree, I'd call the schools you applied to and ask them what the implications are - and if there's anything you can do to mitigate any fallout. perhaps a an on-line course will suffice - I'd follow that phone call with an email confirming what you were told so you have a record.
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