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Out of these two schools which school would you choose and why?

josepulido2011josepulido2011 31 replies31 threads Junior Member
SDSU or fresno State? for criminal justice
3 replies
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Replies to: Out of these two schools which school would you choose and why?

  • elefish92elefish92 578 replies31 threads Member
    That's a tough one. If you're talking about overall school experience for the norm that would have to go to San Diego State. But if you're solely looking for the reputation of the program it would have to be Fresno State. Why? Well think about it, Fresno seriously needs more Criminal Justice majors since there is admittedly a lot of crime (2,633.61 crime index). San Diego is only 1,700.23 crime index which quite frankly is not that bad considering it is a very large urban city. Fresno State would give you more internships and whatnot due to the high crime. Plus San Diego State is extremely impacted where as Fresno State isn't as much.

    If you really want to experience both institutions I would consider going to undergraduate school for one cal state and graduate school for the other. Make sure to research better too, but from the looks of it I think you would do more with criminal justice in Fresno State.

    Fresno State: http://www.fresnostate.edu/socialsciences/criminology/index.html
    San Diego State: http://spa.sdsu.edu/index.php/academic_programs/criminal_justice_overview

    Good luck. :) Oh and to answer the question I would choose Fresno State because it would be cool to be between of northern and southern california plus it would be cool to live in the northern part for 4+ years to explore California (I live in SoCal). But bias rolls in...they both have a similar amount of school spirit though.
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  • josepulido2011josepulido2011 31 replies31 threads Junior Member
    @elefish92 i got accepted to both... But I can always apply in LA? I want whatever is best though for my major... you really say Fresno State? I went there three days ago and it was very hot! but you would really choose fresno over sdsu?
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  • elefish92elefish92 578 replies31 threads Member
    Yeah it's super hot in the summer, it's seriously a smaller Phoenix haha. It gets cold in the winter though, it's not always hot.

    Well they are both really similar schools overall, San Diego State is just in a better geographical area...I would barely give the edge to Fresno State though because like I said you will probably do more stuff with Criminal Justice in that city, it's much less impacted, and judging from the website, Fresno State seems to care more about Criminal Justice. However if you care about the overall prestige that would obviously go to San Diego State no question there. Both schools are nationally recognized however San Diego State gets the favor, a lot of kids at my high school I attend make fun of Fresno State because it's "easy to get into" and "the city is a joke", I laugh at this considering I'm in Long Beach lol...and a lot of people really really really would want to go to San Diego State.

    Anyways, It's a really tough choice, but that goes to show that you would be happy at either school. What are you looking in an institution? If you care JUST about the major, go to Fresno State. But if other supporting variables follow such as student life, geographical area, etc. - I wouldn't say Fresno State right away. For example, if you also are not just looking at criminal justice but "how much there is to do around the school", that goes to San Diego State by far - especially if you have a car. Fresno State just has Fresno and Clovis really...and the Sierra Nevada mountains and other beautiful wildlife.

    Both schools are similar - same rep of athletics, same rep of academics, etc. Fresno State gets trashtalk because of the city...

    If you can't make a choice go with this, if you like basketball more go to San Diego State and if you like football more go to Fresno State, LOL. Also, Fresno State has a co-ed greek organization solely based on Criminal Justice...so that may give you the edge. http://www.fresnostate.edu/socialsciences/criminology/student-orgs/poa.html

    Good luck! :D
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