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geminio98geminio98 1 replies2 threads New Member
Hey guys! I have a question, I have a 3.76 csu/uc gpa weighted and a 3.6 unweighted. What are my chances of getting into san diego state, csu long beach, uc riverside and uc santa cruz? I have a 32 ACT.
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  • geminio98geminio98 1 replies2 threads New Member
    I am a public health major btw
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  • GumbymomGumbymom 29171 replies252 threadsForum Champion UC Forum Champion
    CSU's admit by eligibility index and major.
    EI= (CSU GPA weighted x 200) + (ACT composite x10)= 1072

    Target EI for SDSU is 1067
    Target EI for CSULB is 1025

    So you look like a Match for both CSU's but is dependent upon how you compare to all the other Public Health major applicants.

    For UCR and UCSC, your GPA is below the averages but ACT is above the averages.

    UCR is a Match to High Match
    UCSC does not admit by major and I would say a High Match 50/50.

    Best of luck and hopefully you have a safety school or 2 on your list.
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  • NCalRentNCalRent 6256 replies14 threads Senior Member
    I think you will probably get into SDU, CSULB and UCR. UCSC could go either way/

    good luck.
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