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Best CSU for Accounting?

moxansmoxans 6 replies3 threads New Member
I was accepted to the CSUs I applied for spring transfer and now I'm not sure what would be the right school to go to. I was accepted to: CSULB, CSUF, Calstate LA, CSUEB, and SFSU.

I know that CSUF is AACSB accredited university for accounting which is what pushing me more towards that school, but does it make a different if I go to another CSU that don't have it?

My financial aid is very fair for all of them (SFSU has the best financial aid package but it is an expensive city) except CSUF which I'm still waiting to hear back. I applied to them for fall semester for this year earlier, but they gave little financial aid, so that is my only concern with CSUF. I'm okay with any other CSU.

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Replies to: Best CSU for Accounting?

  • NCalRentNCalRent 6550 replies14 threads Senior Member
    edited October 27
    LB probably has a slightly stronger reputation but, they are all fine. I wouldn't worry about the Accounting specific accreditation, the CSUs are a known commodity among employers.

    I encourage you to spend some time on all of the campuses you are considering - eat a meal - talk to some students and select the one that feels like the best fit. I would add, it is a lot easier to get your first career job geographically near the school you graduate from. If you know you like to live/work in the Bay area, select EB or SF... conversely, if you want to live in so-cal, pick a school down there.

    Good luck
    edited October 27
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  • moxansmoxans 6 replies3 threads New Member
    Unfortunately, I don't live near any of these schools so as much as I'd like to visit the campus, I can only look at videos and virtual tours. I am leaning more towards CSULB and CSUF (maybe I'm tired of the NorCal life haha). Just going to wait and see if CSUF ever get back to me on financial aid and if not, I probably would just go with CSULB. Thanks for the advice.
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  • NCalRentNCalRent 6550 replies14 threads Senior Member
    edited October 29
    I'd grab a friend or family member and take a road trip/adventure - you could easily hit both in the same day.

    I know the official tours are suspended and most students are studying from home but, you can do self guided tour of each campus and get a sense for the surrounding area. You can probably also find a student or 2 to chat up about their experience.

    That way you can commit to one with confidence.
    edited October 29
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  • AMCdadAMCdad 337 replies7 threads Member
    @moxans, I was a BIG fan of using virtual tours and Google Maps Street View to check out college campuses with/for my kids. But @NCalRent is right--if at all possible, nothing beats visiting a campus to really get an impression of it. These are strange times and campuses will not be as vibrant as normal, but there is still something about smelling the actual air in a place that can speak to us.

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  • ctig45ctig45 1 replies0 threads New Member
    CSULB has a slightly better reputation overall, but CSUF has a much better accounting program. Their Meet the Firms has a much bigger turnout in which the Big 4 accounting firms and many mid-tier and local firms attend. I know this bc my girlfriend is an accounting major and has done a ton of research on which school is best for accounting and the consensus is that CSUF will provide much better opportunities on par with UCs and other top accounting programs. However, this also means the environment will probably much more competitive. CSULB is also a great option and may be a good place for you if you want to stand out or if you don't plan to stay in SoCal post graduation.

    I am from SoCal and have spent time on both campuses (to visit friends and to study). I tend to prefer LB. By the beach, closer to LA but also right by Orange County, more diversity, cheaper rent. But some parts of LB can definitely be rough. CSUF is not much further away, but definitely has a more suburban, OC vibe. CSUF campus was also a bit newer and nicer.

    Both are great schools and great cities for different reasons, you will not be disappointed with either decision. If you plan to stay in Socal and find work down here post graduation, CSUF will probably be a better option because of the network and how integrated they are with firms in SoCal.
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