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Got rejected to CSULB...


Replies to: Got rejected to CSULB...

  • Sooos92Sooos92 Registered User Posts: 1 New Member
    I didn't get in either :/ with a 3.9, finished with English and Math and all the other areas .. I just thought I would get in but I guess not. I heard UCs are even more competitive !
  • meoowwwmeoowww Registered User Posts: 87 Junior Member
    I got accepted as an upper-division transfer, 3.6GPA, all lower-division coursework, and G.E. completed. I also now have close to 85+ units of CSU transferrable coursework (so meeting the 70 unit limit should be no problem). If it makes you guys feel any better I was denied last year. I needed one class to finish my lower-division at the time, all other requirements were met! Those "we regret to inform you......" letters definitely suck!

    Anyway, since I wasn't admitted for the Fall 2012 semester I decided to finished up the extra classes need to obtain a useless AA degree LOL
  • csulbhopefullcsulbhopefull Registered User Posts: 27 New Member
    I got in with a

    3.0 GPA
    950 SAT.

    Still waiting on Pomona.
  • MikksmixMikksmix Registered User Posts: 35 Junior Member
    Posted this in the other thread a while ago. I just got rejected as a Transfer from CC but with a unique situation.

    I attended UC Santa Barbara from Fall '09 to Spring '12 (three years) and was kicked out with around a 1.82 GPA.

    Been at CC for this year ('12-'13) and got a 4.0 in the Fall. Pretty sure I'll 4.0 again this spring. I also went to high school locally (Fountain Valley) and have all my requirements done.

    I'm used to having a personal statement section like on UC apps, but there isn't one here so I suppose I'll appeal. I have a 2.2ish GPA now after my fall grades. This is rather depressing, though because I've been trying to turn my life around and now my plans have been delayed for another year.

    CSULB is the only school I applied to and I thought I would get in for sure. Oh well, that's life I guess. Good luck to everyone else!
  • ForeINForeIN Registered User Posts: 908 Member
    I got rejected too! but Humboldt accepted me I don't see why since both arent local. I wanted to go to CSULB or CSUSD but i didnt get accepted so im off to community college :/

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  • NCalRentNCalRent Registered User Posts: 5,860 Senior Member

    What makes you so sure you'll be able to transfer? SDSU and CSULB get deluged with transfer aps every year. most years they both accept less than 50% of transfer aps, the vast majority that get in are local.

    Look at the stats of the applicants that didn't get in. In some majors, a full transcript and 3.5 gpa won't get you in.

    Get real about your expectations. Maybe Humboldt isn't a bad idea. Did you apply elsewhere?

    Same idea, you need to be realistic. Don't dwell on your failure but recognize your college GPA doesn't give you the right to be picky. I think San Marcos still takes Spring transfers and is physically between SDSU and CSULB. Channel Islands could be another option.
    Look forward not back. Find a school that will take you in the Spring and get on with your education.
  • ForeINForeIN Registered User Posts: 908 Member
    I have faith that if it is GOD's will i'll get in if not I guess SoCal isn't for me.

    I got into East Bay & SF but those are local so I really rather just go to community college.
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  • CheyHHCheyHH Registered User Posts: 53 Junior Member
    I got into CSULB last year as a freshmen OOS applicant in the always impacted film major. I was really lucky because they only accepted 6% of out of state applicants.
    Although it seems really easy to get into CSULB it isn't because of the Long Beach Promise program where any LBCC transfer or LB school district graduate gets auto accepted as long as they meet the minimum unit requirement and CSU admission requirements. Keep your chin up! Just because you didn't get in here doesn't mean that you won't get into to other schools.
  • OsserpusserOsserpusser Registered User Posts: 322 Member
    Guys, they are hedging their bets that those of you with well over the average scores are just using them as safety schools. Most of you probably are. Don't take it personally. I'm more shocked at the guidance counselors telling people in this thread with 3.25s to apply to UCLA and UCI!
  • MikksmixMikksmix Registered User Posts: 35 Junior Member
    To NCalRent:

    I have to attend a school locally, so my choices ARE limited. I don't want to delve into my complete life situation here, but that's the way it is. My choices are Fullerton, Long Beach or UCI. I can't leave my home, which is in Orange County. So I guess I'll try again next year.

    I'm being completely realistic here. I got rejected, so it's time for me to continue my 4.0 streak. I'm not a poor student... I actually had a 4.0 all three quarters my freshman year at UCSB, which is a much more difficult school to get into. Thanks for your input.

    I'm not dwelling on my past failures; there's no use in that. I was premed in biopsychology, and I've long since learned how to let go of the past and move on. Shame that I'll be stuck in school for so long, but that's life.
  • seansantaclaritaseansantaclarita Registered User Posts: 1 New Member
    I was rejected from CSULB with a 1210/1600 and a 3.68. I also played two sports in school and one in club (volleyball and swim). I also was in theater, concert choir, ASB and Academic Decathlon. Also, I became president of my school's nursing home volunteer club. With my stats that I feel pretty comfortable with, I was heartbroken. It wast very first college response too so I became so discouraged. But then later on, I heard from my other colleges and most of them were yes's. I got into Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, UCSC and Fordham.
  • meoowwwmeoowww Registered User Posts: 87 Junior Member
    I got into East Bay & SF but those are local so I really rather just go to community college.
    Just out of curiosity, why is CSULB so sought after? Is is just the local, being in Southern California or am I missing something?

    I have two cousins from Washington who've applied both were rejected - which is pretty funny since I was accepted. Anyway, I just don't see the reasoning behind going to CSULB is it really that much better than other CSU campuses?

    As an out of state student, or in ForeIN's case a non-local. Spending all that money on housing, when you could live at home just doesn't seem worth it. Also in the case of my cousins as out of state students they would be paying twice the tuition if not more when they could stay at home and attend Washington State University for less! For me CSULB is local I can stay at home and bike 5 minutes to campus doesn't get much better than that...For a bachelors unless you're Ivy League material I don't see the point of wasting all that money if (when) you can stay local. The goal is to graduate debt free!
  • DerangedCorgiDerangedCorgi Registered User Posts: 145 Junior Member
    It's one of the better CSU's with CPSLO, CPP above it (SDSU as well but that's a different story). Most people won't get into CPSLO so they look at SDSU, CPP, or CSULB due to reputation and locale.
  • ForeINForeIN Registered User Posts: 908 Member
    lol I got rejected from SDSU too! and got accepted to Humboldt even though I think its further away.

    @Meoowww Thanks thats a good point but i was also looking at majors. East bay doesnt have much so i dont plan to transfer.

    Sent from my C5155 using CC
  • meoowwwmeoowww Registered User Posts: 87 Junior Member
    @ ForeIN That's true I forgot about universities not offering certain majors, plus some schools are more respective in a particular field - makes sense why one would move for college.
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