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CSULB Spring '18 Transfer - Chance Me?

TL;DR first:

- left CA HS @16, got CA equivalent of GED
- last 6 years in CA community college, lots of W's (family/financial reasons)
- recent history of good grades/attendance
- attempting to transfer to CSULB Spring '18 as Psych. major w/ AA-T Psychology & ~3.6 GPA
- Chances?

Full Story:

- Left California High School @ 16y/o by taking the CHSPE (essentially I have the legal equivalent of a HS diploma, like a GED).

- Immediately began taking classes at Moorpark College (SoCal Community College, very good school, but not in local-area). Got As & Bs for a couple semesters part-time.

- Spent the next 5 years having very mixed success at school - some semesters of straight A's full-time, some semesters of full class loads dropped with Ws, some semesters not attended, numerous major-changes. Mostly due to fairly severe family/financial issues, as well as some immaturity on my part. About 75/137 units attempted vs. earned.

- For about the last year-and-a-half, I've taken full-time class loads, gotten ~3.7 GPA in those classes, and will be getting an AA-T in Psychology this semester, Fall 2017. My CSU transferable GPA after the AA-T adjustment should be ~3.6. I'd really like to go to CSULB because they have a robust Human Factors Psychology department - the field I've been working to get into for the last 2 years.

Will there be a portion of the supplemental application where I can try to explain the circumstances behind my academic history? And if so, where would you put my chances at getting into CSULB this Spring?

Side-Note: I took Psych 101 years ago before I was a Psych major, and it's one of my few C's - I've gotten straight A's in every other major-prep Psych class I've taken since, however. Will this be a negative for admissions at all?

Also interested in CSUF chances, as well as CSUCI (backup school, but I'm in the local-area and am pretty bullish about my chances there as an AA-T referral admit).

Thanks so much in advance! I'm really anxious to move onto the next step in my college career after so long - I finally feel ready.
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Replies to: CSULB Spring '18 Transfer - Chance Me?

  • nicoleticzonnicoleticzon 20 replies5 threads Junior Member
    You'll get in. I got in as a transfer student with a 3.1 GPA for psych. I also had a bad start in community college. A lot of W's, and I was once even put on academic probation. I was super surprised that I was even accepted into CSULB. I was waitlisted though but still got in. I'm sure you will get in too.
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  • estela123estela123 15 replies0 threads Junior Member
    Hey there! I'm a psychology major as well but I haven't heard from Csulb :/ my gpa is a 3.14. I was wondering when you got admitted? @nicoleticzon
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