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Question on dropping a course after admittance

Hello everyone! I recently got conditional admittance for Spring 2018 and I have a huge question to ask. I understand that the classes I am taking this semester (Fall 2018) do not count towards spring transfer and made the mistake of taking a chemistry 111AC class this fall. This chemistry course does not count towards my Health Science in Community Health major and was not listed on Assist.org, but now I am in danger of failing this course (I have a 74%) and there is no way I could bring my grade up to a B considering how difficult this professor is to understand. I have already called CSULB admissions and they recommended that I talk to my community college's counselor, which they have already suggested that I drop the chemistry course as long as CSULB says it is okay.
At this point, it is a back and forth conversation and I am wondering if there was anyone in a similar situation as me who could help me. I have more than 60 transferable units so I won't be short on units if I end up dropping this course and this class is not a required course for my major.

Please help! The last day to withdraw from this course is coming up very soon!
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  • RichardBIVRichardBIV 121 replies2 threads Junior Member
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    @leovard I would go and talk to admissions in person, but since the course has nothing to do with your major then I don’t see it an issue. Then, you were conditionally accepted which is different... Can you at least pull a C as an alternative?

    I would really recommend again to go in-person to CSULB about this.

    Just don’t take everything very serious there and maybe talk to different advisors. My admissions person told me that my acceptance might be affected if I decide to drop my history class this semester (I’m not going to, I was just wondering), but that class is the history requirement for CSU, so it’s a little different.

    Then the official acceptance email comes and tells me that the history class I am taking will not have any effect on my admission status, but it is needed to graduate from CSU. The point is: talk to different advisors and makes sure that it will not affect your admission.

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