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CSULB FALL 2019 Transfer Thread

LouisGCLouisGC 12 replies3 threads Junior Member
Good luck to everyone that applied for fall! Hopefully I get accepted as well T_T, also had a question, I got a D in statistics but retook it and got an A do I list in on my transcripts or do not put it? I asked someone before and they told me to put an "E" as the letter grade but then it puts my gpa down to a 3.25 if i list it when it should overwrite it any help?

Major: Health Care Administration
Transfer GPA: 3.4
AA-T/AS-T: Yes AS for Transfer
Pre-reqs: Need 3 more but projected to be completed by the end of Spring 2019. Just need Microecon, Physio, and Medical terminology
Golden 4: Finished, A, A, A, A
Local Area: Orange County, neighbor area.
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Replies to: CSULB FALL 2019 Transfer Thread

  • JayyousiJayyousi 22 replies0 threads Junior Member
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    Hey Louis good luck to you also. I believe you have to put it as a D because it will still show on you transcript as a D and you want both to match. I have a W on one of my courses, I did retake it and got an A in it but now I have it showing twice one as an A and one as a W.

    Major: International Business
    GPA: 3.93
    AST: yes
    Pre reqs: no Business calc, but it’s not part of my ast program.
    Golden four: 3 A’s and 1 B
    Local: No

    Good luck everyone,
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  • gigidiamandsgigidiamands 30 replies16 threads Junior Member
    Good luck to you all! I also applied to csu Sacramento, San Francisco, Fresno, and San Jose. However, Long Beach is my number one choice right now.

    Major: Interior Design with a minor in Business administration
    Gpa: 2.7
    Pre reqs: all completed
    Golden four: A,A,C, Planned for spring 2019
    Local: No, Orange County.

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  • travelvtravelv 16 replies5 threads Junior Member
    Major: Computer Science
    GPA: 2.87
    AS-T: No
    Pre-reqs: Completed
    Recommended: 1/2
    Golden Four: Completed
    Local: No (Los Angeles Area)

    Good luck to everyone. My GPA is low so I don't have much hope ):
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  • aggu99aggu99 5 replies0 threads New Member
    Major: Business Administration, Operations and Supply Chain Management
    GPA: 3.59
    AA-T/AS-T: In progress
    Pre-Reqs: In progress
    Recommended: 0/2 planned for spring (maybe I'll complete them over the summer if I choose to attend CSULB)
    Golden 4: A, A, A, (AP ENG LANG)
    Local: No (Orange County)

    Hello! I just completed the supplemental application and so now I just have to wait. Good luck to others :)
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  • adreezybonesadreezybones 311 replies0 threads Member
    Major: Art Education
    GPA: 3.47
    AA: Yes, in Art
    Lower Div. Prep: Missing (2) that has no articulation in my school.
    Major Spec. Req: Completed
    Golden 4: BBBB
    Local: No (Coastline CC)

    Been anxious the moment I sent my application. CSULB is the school I have been eyeing since I got to college. Best endeavors for everyone!
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  • BurndtJambBurndtJamb 9 replies4 threads New Member
    edited January 12
    Major: English Education
    GPA: 2.84
    AA-T/AS-T: no
    Lower Division Prep: in progress - one more science class
    Major Spec. Requirements: in progress - two more classes next semester
    Golden Four: completed - A, A, B, C
    Local: no (North County SD)
    Other Schools: SFSU, SDSU, CSUF, CSUN, Cal Poly SLO, and CSUSM

    I'm currently retaking a class I failed last spring, and I'm hoping my GPA will increase before I submit my supplemental application. Good luck to everyone :-)

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  • PHILOE220PHILOE220 3 replies0 threads New Member
    edited January 13
    Hey guys! Good luck to everyone!
    Major: Human Development
    Transfer GPA: 3.66
    AA-T/AS-T: No
    Pre-reqs: Completed
    Golden 4: Completed, 3 A's 1 B
    Local: No
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  • eallen24eallen24 23 replies4 threads Junior Member
    Major: Psychology
    GPA: 2.8
    AA-T: Will complete by Spring
    Pre-Req's: By spring
    Golden 4: Complete by Winter (B,B,C)
    Area: Non-local Near Cal poly
    Other Schools: CPP, CSULA, CSUDH, CSUSB, CSUF (Redirection choice: San Fran)

    Pretty low gpa.. Didn't take school seriously at the start. Already have early acceptance to CSUDH and CSUSB has asked for my final transcripts but hasn't sent out acceptance so idk whats going on there. Top choices CPP and CSULB but i am local to CPP. Good luck to everyone!
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  • SolevaSoleva 30 replies4 threads Junior Member
    Major: Graphic Design
    Transfer GPA: 3.2
    AA-T/AS-T: None for my major
    Pre-reqs: 5/6. One not offered at my cc
    Golden 4: A, A, B, stats in spring
    Local Area: I graduated from Poly High (LB), and I believe they consider that local. Also had about 36 units at LBCC before moving. I live in San Diego now and go to Grossmont.
    Other schools: CSUDH (just accepted lol), SJSU, Cal Poly SLO, SDSU
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  • rjb686rjb686 1 replies0 threads New Member
    Major: Computer Engineering
    GPA: 3.6
    AA-T/AS-T: None
    Pre-reqs: Completed (working on recommended)
    Golden 4: A,A,B,A
    Area: Non-Local but in state, LA area
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  • eallen24eallen24 23 replies4 threads Junior Member
    @Soleva I also got accepted to CSUDH lol top choice is LB or CPP
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  • gigidiamandsgigidiamands 30 replies16 threads Junior Member
    @gigidiamands oops, just wanted to make a correction. My gpa is 2.8 and transferable gpa is 2.9
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  • 90smix90smix 464 replies7 threads Member
    Hi everyone :)

    California community college student
    White / Female
    Major: Business (Information Systems)
    GPA: 3.9
    Pre-reqs: Done about half.
    Extracurriculars: YouTube and freelance writing/editing
    Job/Work Experience: part-time teacher
    Volunteer/Community service: 5 years for hospice care, 2 years for food banks, 3 years tutoring, 1 year teacher's assist
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  • transferstransfers 17 replies0 threads Junior Member
    Major: Computer Science
    Transfer GPA: 3.4
    AA-T/AS-T: No
    Pre-reqs: Not all completed. Didn't know I had to take physics as a requirement.
    Golden 4: A, A, A, B
    Local Area: OC.

    I don't even think I'll be admitted because I've taken zero physics classes. However I have taken almost all of the computer science classes available at my college. Still applying anyways though!
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  • FLH98KFLH98K 15 replies0 threads Junior Member
    Major: Kinesiology: Exercise Science
    GPA: 3.07
    AA-T/AS-T: None
    Pre-reqs: All completed
    Golden 4: All completed
    Area: Rancho Cucamonga
    Other schools applied to: SFSU, CSUSB, CSUN, CPP, CSULA, CSUF, CSUEB
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  • bekuhmbekuhm 8 replies1 threads New Member
    Good luck everyone!!
    Major: Psychology
    Gpa: 3.37 with boost
    AA-T/AS-T: Yes, AA-T
    Pre-req’s: 1 IP
    Golden 4: A,A,A,B
    Other schools: CSUF, CPP, SDSU
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  • santana123santana123 1 replies1 threads New Member
    Major: Social work
    GPA: 3.21
    AA-T: in sociology which doesn’t count for Social Work :/
    Pre-reqs: completed
    Golden 4: done
    Other schools: CSUF
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  • rb8991rb8991 55 replies0 threads Junior Member
    Hey Everyone!

    I'm a current CSULB student who transferred fall of 2018. If anyone has any questions about ANYTHING let me know!

    I got conditionally accepted (which most people do, so don't worry if that happens with you), and I found out February 13th of last year. The majority of people found out the 13th through the 16th, so my guess is that you guys will find out around the 12th through the 15th (or the week after).

    Use this website to check your status. You won't get an email until about a week after the self-service updates. You won't be able to log into the okta portal until you get the acceptance email either, so don't worry: https://www.csulb.edu/admissions/applicant-self-service

    My stats were:

    Major: Criminal Justice
    GPA: 3.54 (I ended up graduating with a 3.6)
    Golden 4: A,A,A and 1 in progress (which I ended up getting an A in)
    Local: No, Sacramento area.
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  • windtreemoonwindtreemoon 9 replies0 threads New Member
    Good luck everyone! May we all get accepted soon!!

    Major: Civil Engineering
    GPA: 3.87
    AA-T/AS-T: None
    Pre-req’s: missing a couple
    Golden 4: all A's
    Other schools: CSUF (accepted), Cal Poly SLO, SDSU
    Local: No
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  • ggdcalggdcal 59 replies0 threads Junior Member
    Major: Graphic Design
    GPA: 3.18
    AA-T: None
    Golden Four: B, B, A, B
    Other schools: CSUF, SJSU, Sac State, CSUSB
    Local: No
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