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Pre-Nursing Major Help?

HI everyone, I am a high school student looking to major in Pre-Nursing, and I was wondering how to get a BSN in a cal state university. I know that you need to major in pre-nursing and then be admitted into the school's nursing program after finishing the pre-reqs. I just have a couple questions:
1. What is the average GPA of someone applying as a Pre-Nursing major initially into a school? I have a high school GPA of 3.6 right now, and I am worried that it might be too low to be competitive. I also have over 100+ hours of volunteer experience in a hospital setting.
2. Once you finish your pre-reqs, and you apply to the school of nursing, do they look at your high school GPA as well as your pre-req GPA? Or do they only look at your pre-req GPA?
Any help is appreciated. Thank you.
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Replies to: Pre-Nursing Major Help?

  • Olie321Olie321 12 replies0 threads New Member
    I wouldn’t worry so much about declaring a pre-nursing major at a CSU because even if you don’t get accepted into a pre-nursing tack, you can literally take the same classes as undeclared. If it is your goal to attend a BSN program right after you finish your sophomore year then you will need close to a 4.0 in pre-reqs and a good overall Gpa as these programs are highly impacted. That’s not to say you will not get accepted to CSU-BSN program with an average Gpa, but it will definitely increase your chances. In regard to your first question, I’m not sure, but would assume these individuals have above average Gpa’s. Still, I know a few students who had 4.0's prior to acceptance. Regarding your concern of which Gpa they look at, they only care about your college Gpa.

    I can understand your concern, but don’t over complicate it and limit yourself to CSU's. When you finish your pre-reqs apply to both community colleges and CSU's. While Nursing school has become increasingly competitive, the real question isn’t if you will get in, rather when you will get in. That’s to say you have a decent Gpa, but if I'm being honest, many community colleges utilize a lottery system and admit a certain percentage within a Gpa range. I know students who got in to community college programs with 2.7’s etc. Keep your grades up and you will be fine.
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  • GumbymomGumbymom Forum Champion UC 29704 replies302 threads Forum Champion
    From your other thread: For CSULB Pre-Nursing, 2018 admits had an average of 4.04 CSU capped weighted GPA and a 1272 SAT score. https://data.ir.csulb.edu/t/IRA-Public/views/UndergraduateStudents/FTFH_S_G_P_AAVGandSD?:embed=y&:showAppBanner=false&:showShareOptions=true&:display_count=no&:showVizHome=no

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