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In a dilemma Help!

supersinghsupersingh 0 replies2 threads New Member
edited April 2010 in Canada
Do Ivey schools (specifically HYP) look at your whole school record (grade 9-12) or just your grade 12 marks during the admissions process?
And if so how badly would it hurt your chances if you had abysmal years in grade 9 & 10 but stellar in 11 &12 ?

I'm afraid I may of already killed my chances of getting into a good school =(
edited April 2010
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Replies to: In a dilemma Help!

  • nirvanatearnirvanatear 260 replies4 threads Junior Member
    definitely gr9-12. But gr11-12 marks are more important though.
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  • disgradiusdisgradius 436 replies5 threads Member
    its w/e your high school lists on their transcripts. For me it was 8-12~
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  • ElectronicaElectronica 138 replies22 threads Junior Member
    Ivey? Isn't that at UWO?


    If your 9 and 10 years are anything below excellent, you have no chance, especially not at HYP. You will be compared against other Canadian applicants who have done well all throughout high school.

    It's no dilemma at all, really. If you really have sub-par grades in early years (lots of B's, C's, etc.) you shouldn't waste your time reaching for the Ivy League.

    Remember that we have good schools in Canada (McGill, Toronto, UBC, Queen's, etc.) that only admit based on grade 12 coursework.
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  • fledglingfledgling 4180 replies76 threads- Senior Member
    Basically what the others have said. If by "abysmal" you mean a lot of B's and some C's (or even below that), you essentially have an extremely slim chance at getting accepted. The competition in the Canadian applicant pool is fierce, with many applying that will have earned solid grades for all 4 years. However, if "abysmal" is an exaggeration and it means A's with a couple of B's, then you still stand a chance.
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  • ViggyRamViggyRam 2033 replies183 threads- Senior Member
    what about the 'upward trend' i keep hearing about on these forums? what exactly does that term mean and how does it affect one's application? I have received good grades in gr.9 adn 10, but my marks have been going up since gr.9 at the same time.

    I believe that the OP is in a similar situation as well. So, what is the 'upward trend' and would it help the OP in any way?
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  • ElectronicaElectronica 138 replies22 threads Junior Member
    Upward trend means a pattern of better grades in later years. It shows that the applicant has matured.

    Sure, having an upward trend would help. It, however, wouldn't be enough for elite American colleges. There are enough applicants with all high A grades that an applicant who has risen from C's and B's to high A's wouldn't be viewed well in comparison.
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