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Decisions? Queen's Vs. UfT

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Okay, well, I know a lot of people are trying to make the same decision. However, I haven't seen a post really with my specific needs... so I'm creating one. Someone please help me make a rational decision, or any type of rational decision. My deadline is May 1st (For my program)

UofT: I'm in Victoria College, possibly Vic One (haven't heard from them yet, but shouldn't be a stretch given my marks) with no scholarship. I do love the seminars, and the fact that there are so many courses and majors to choose from. I also like how close it is to home and the convenience of the city. (I live in Mississauga). I'm also in love with the U of T library. The campus however, is wayyy too big and impersonal. I don't fancy myself walking from Vic College to Woodsworth in the winter. I've heard scary stories about the first year classes too... I'm afraid I'll drop out.

Queen's: Queen's has been my dream school since Gr 8...even though that changed in gr 12 in favour of U of T. I'm in the Bader International Study program for England. (CASTlee :D) with a scholarship of 2000 and a bursary of 6000 first year. (the program is gonna cost me 32k at least). There is also a renewable bursary for second year of 2000 plus a Work Study program for 2000. I think Kingston is beautiful, but the library does leave a little to be desired compared to UfT. I think I do prefer the general atmosphere of the UofT campus, perhaps because Queen's is a foreign atmosphere but I can see myself getting used to it. I'm in love with the International program though. However, there aren't as many cool seminars and courses as UofT.

Both my majors are in Arts, specifically in the direction of Political Science. I want to go out of the country for graduate studies, preferably to England (my dream is Oxford, however far fetched and expensive that is). Possibly into Law or otherwise. I see myself going international, however, not confining myself to Canada so international reputation does play a factor too.
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  • starbrightstarbright 4549 replies111 threads Senior Member
    Where is the conflict? It seems pretty obvious from what you have written that you prefer Queens and it would be an ideal fit for you. So you like the library better at U of T? That is probably not a good reason to spend four years at a college. Queens however is your dream school and they offered you a scholarship and you are in love with the International program. As for Queens being 'foreign' that seems pretty inconsequential (part of maturing and being an independent adult will involve getting used to new places and if you are planning on going international eventually, its a good place to start).
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