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Pharmacy, Physician Assistant or biology researching?

AeroDEAeroDE 359 replies15 threads Member
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Pharmacy- I like chemistry and working in a lab by myself or with a team. Also, I currently have A's on all the chemistry and organic chem classes. Planning to get a part-time job as a chem tutor.

Physician Assistant- I really like biology and I grow up around hospitals and visits it regularly to get meds and see my fathers friend when I was 6 -14 years old. Meanwhile, I get used to hearing siren sound of emergency vehicles, seen people cry in the emergency room and more.

Biology researching- I had completed 1-year college level biology with an A's in honors. My honors class give me a chance to do a research project which increased my curiosity.

Current GPA: 3.61 with 60+ units completed and applying to transfer to UCD, UCR or UCI for Biology or biochemistry major.

Bad side- No volunteer experience in hospitals. 19 years old community college student. I did not take any Physics courses, human anatomy, psychology but I am done with Calc 1 and 2.

I hate history -_- (note it is a good subject, but the readings are too much compared to an Ochem class).
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Replies to: Pharmacy, Physician Assistant or biology researching?

  • AeroDEAeroDE 359 replies15 threads Member
    Update- No reply -_-
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  • artloversplusartloversplus 8601 replies251 threads Senior Member
    It’s a life style choice. Pharmacy has the most flexible schedule and portability. If you like that go after that.
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  • AeroDEAeroDE 359 replies15 threads Member
    oof ye but then again PharmD is probably gonna take another 4-6 years compared to an PA program.

    Well, i'm okay with any working hours as long as I can find a job soon.
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  • KKmamaKKmama 3041 replies41 threads Senior Member
    Do you want to pass out pills, work in a research lab, or interact with patients? These are very different careers. Are you a people person or would you rather work less directly with people? Do you want to follow directions (prescriptions), think outside the box (research) or diagnose and treat (PA)?
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