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Please Please Help Me FAST!!!!

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I am currently a high school senior and i would love to become a doctor. These are my past three years of high school final grades:

Course # Title Final Grade Credits
3120 BIOLOGY/LAB B 5.00
7410 CAD I B+ 2.50
0120 ENG 1 B 5.00
7010 ENGIN TECH B+ 2.50
2220 GEOMETRY C 5.00
8810 HEALTH 1 A- 1.25
8210 PE 9 A- 1.25
8220 PE 9 B 1.25
8230 PE 9 A 1.25
1110 SPANISH II A- 5.00
4020 WLD HIST/CUL A- 5.00

Course # Title Final Grade Credits
2320 ALGEBRA II B 5.00
3420 CHEMISTRYI/L B- 5.00
5750 CONS FINANCE A 2.50
0220 ENG II C+ 5.00
8820 HEALTH 2 A 1.25
8340 PE A 1.25
8310 PE 10/11/12 A 1.25
8320 PE 10/11/12 B+ 1.25
2810 PSAT/SATMATH A- 2.50
1130 SPANISH III B+ 5.00
4120 US HIST I B+ 5.00

Course # Title Final Grade Credits
3210 ANATO/PHYSIO B+ 0.00
4350 ECONOMICS B 2.50
0320 ENG III B+ 0.00
8830 HEALTH 3 A 1.25
2420 MATH ANALYS C+ 0.00
8330 PE A 0.00
8340 PE A 0.00
8320 PE 10/11/12 A 1.25
8610 PSYCHOLOGY A- 0.00
1150 SPANISH IV B 0.00
4220 US HIST II A- 0.00

My problem is right now i really want to become a doctor, and i dont know how to. This is due to the fact that i have no help at all from my parents because my parents are egyptian and didnt go to schhol here. I have lived in the U.S.A all my life and i love it, however my parents cant help me with any school work since i was a child. This was good because it helped me become self dependant but now i dont have any idea if my grades can make me become a doctor. This year i went to Egypt for vacation and i completed 164 hours of volunteer service at a doctors office and i am currently doing volunteer work at a nearby nursing home..so far i have about 20 hrs. My main problem is i am doing really bad on mY SATS and i dont know why. i took them twice and got 1380/2400 on both times. I must admit i havent been adequately studing for them, because i really dont know how. I really need everyone to help me because i will take the SATS in october and i really reaaly need advice. This year my courses are Forensic CHem, Physics, Nutrition, English, Gym, Calculus, and Public Speaking. As you can see by the amount of scinces i am taking i really want to be a doctor, however i dont know if i can since i got some C's which were due to the fact that i had the worst teachers possible, and im not exxagerating. I need people to comment about my grades and my Sats scores and tell me how to improve. THis year i plan to get all A's or high B's. I just need help with SAT stuff....so please please please if you can help me tell me all you can. PLEASE!!!! i hope you can all understand my situation. Thank You ALL!

P.S. my freahmen and sophomore GPA was like 3.2. I think it will go up when my school puts in my Junior GRades. PLus hopefully my senior grades after the 1st semester. Please if you have any advice tell me..also i need college advice. I live in NJ and want to go to a college in NJ...but dont know how to get started on my college stuff.....Please help me fast i need to apply for early admission. Thanks allot!
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