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Class of 2017 Questions

yoohoo587yoohoo587 0 replies1 postsRegistered User New Member
edited July 2013 in Carleton College
Hey y'all! I wanted to create this thread for class of 2017'ers because I feel like some of some questions are so insignificant but pressing... and I don't know any current students! Hope this helps everyone!

First: I checked google maps and saw that there's a Target close the school, which is pretty exciting. I'm arriving two days before school starts though and want to know... could the target run out of necessities and variety before I even get there??? I'm sure other Carleton students will be doing their shopping there too, and at the same time, I'm afraid that MOA is going to be too expensive.

Also, what do students typically carry with them between classes or on weekends? I carry a 3 subj notebook and a few fat folders, a water bottle, and miscellaneous junk, but when I add my mac, the wieght is really bothersom. Packing for a day outside my dorm sounds like a nuisance.

What do you guys think?
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Replies to: Class of 2017 Questions

  • mflevitymflevity 1131 replies70 postsRegistered User Senior Member
    Have you joined the Class of 2017 Facebook group? There are tons of current students available to answer questions, not to mention hundreds of future classmates: [url]https://www.****/groups/carletoncollege2017/?fref=ts[/url]

    As far as Target, what do you mean by "necessities"? The only things I've ever had trouble buying right at the beginning of the school year are those $7 floor-length door mirrors. I've never tried to outfit an entire dorm room based on the contents of the Northfield Target on the first week of September, however. Since St. Olaf's school year begins before ours, the Oles have first dibs on the more dorm-specific stuff. If you're just in the market for, say, Ziploc bags and groceries, no problem.

    If you're driving, I'd advice buying your bedding and decorative dorm items in advance and bringing them with you. You can also order online and have stuff shipped to school, which would help with the variety issue.

    As far as your second question, might I suggest a backpack? :)
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  • telemntelemn 13 replies3 postsRegistered User New Member
    Yeah man, join the group on Facebook! There are hundreds of us on that page.

    I'm also curious, though: what else do people usually bring to their dorms? I can see a laptop, bedding, and clothes, but what else us usually brought?
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  • PootiePootie 324 replies5 postsRegistered User Member
    A bicycle. Very handy for getting around campus and town, and getting some fun exercise.
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  • telemntelemn 13 replies3 postsRegistered User New Member
    This is probably something I should know by now, but how many months of the school year is there snow on the ground?
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  • sunmachinesunmachine 725 replies99 postsRegistered User Member
    This year it started snowing in late October, and there was nearly a foot of snow the first week of May. Last year, there were only a few decent snowfalls all season. So it's really hard to say.
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  • telemntelemn 13 replies3 postsRegistered User New Member
    Are there buses that run between Northfield and Minneapolis during the weekends? If so, what is the system like?
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  • DescarteszDescartesz 1711 replies29 postsRegistered User Senior Member
    Sample route times for next Saturday, Carleton to Mall of America

    10:00am 10:55am 55m
    3:00pm 3:55pm 55m
    9:00pm 9:53pm 53m

    Other destinations also available. Can't speak to what this shuttle is like
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  • mflevitymflevity 1131 replies70 postsRegistered User Senior Member
    Northfield Lines is generally great -- it's the same company that runs the airport shuttle at the beginning and end of every term. Their buses make multiple trips between Carleton and the Cities every day. It does get expensive ($12 each way and $24 round trip), so your cheapest option would be carpooling in a friend's car and splitting the cost of gas.
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  • telemntelemn 13 replies3 postsRegistered User New Member
    Would I be able to throw a bike on the front/back of the bus for some cool cycling in Minneapolis?
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  • reesezpiecez103reesezpiecez103 1231 replies15 postsRegistered User Senior Member
    Some of the shuttles can definitely carry bikes in the back, but I'd advise you to call Northfield Lines and ask beforehand. Also, campus has a rideshare program (WeCar) that was really helpful to me freshman year when I was looking to go into the cities.
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  • 11901190 589 replies39 postsRegistered User Member

    You're right, there's a ton of great cycling in Minneapolis, worth the trip (voted #1 Bike Friendly City in Bicycling Magazine this year!)

    1. Minneapolis, MN | Bicycling Magazine
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