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What was your audition experience like at CMU?


Replies to: What was your audition experience like at CMU?

  • KatyMomKatyMom Registered User Posts: 3 New Member
    Question for those of you who have been through the CMU process....Does anybody who was not seen by more than one teacher at the audition have a chance? It seems that a select group of kids were going from room to room singing and acting for all of the auditors. My daughter only sang for one, and acted for one. She received positive feedback and felt really good about her experience. However, I don't want her to be unrealistic and hope for an acceptance that has already been denied. And who is the final decision maker? It looked like the goal was to get in front of Barbara.
  • DoReMiMomDoReMiMom Registered User Posts: 371 Member
    Katy my understanding is that there's no rhyme or reason or motive or rationale behind the number of people who they audition for. I do believe final decision goes to Barbara but not positive.
  • catchastarcatchastar Registered User Posts: 57 Junior Member
    I do not think you should read too much into who your student did or did not sing or act for. CMU auditors are a team. They have been doing this for a very long time. They know what they are looking for and the type of student they believe will be successful in their program. Sometimes it can take auditors more than one look to make that decision. Other times they can see it right away (or not see it, as it were.) Of course the head of the dept is going to have a very big influence over the decision but she also trusts her team. The best advice anyone can give your student is to be himself/herself and let the best of them shine. The rest is completely out of their control. As for being realistic or unrealistic and hoping for an acceptance, based upon the statistics-it's such a long shot for EVERYONE. No one should have an expectation of acceptance. But there will be hundreds - if not thousands - who will hold out hope. A lucky few will win that lottery but thankfully, you all know to buy more than one ticket, right?! There are many many excellent MT programs out there. The goal is to find the right "fit" for your offspring. I like to think of this as similar to auditioning in the real world. You just keep going and going until you've attended all the auditions you reasonably can. When you get your callbacks (acceptances) then you can decide which role (school) is best for you! Good luck everyone! I know how hard this is… hang in there.
  • KatyMomKatyMom Registered User Posts: 3 New Member
    I know I'm not supposed to read into these things, but from reading past threads, it appears that those who were accepted to Carnegie Mellon had very similar auditions. Went from room to room, ultimately landed in front of Barbara and many sang for her. We are putting this one to bed. My D knew it was a long shot. Onward!
  • catchastarcatchastar Registered User Posts: 57 Junior Member
    KatyMom, I understand this being a long shot. And "putting this one to bed" is a good idea, as once you've done the audition, it's completely out of your hands. Cute story to share: When my child went thru this process we thought the CMU audition was one of the least successful. Auditioned CMU same time as unifieds in NYC and like many of you, we had trouble with scheduling everything we wanted to get in. I was very careful in all our scheduling (or so I thought) and shows up to audition the WRONG DAY. We were fortunate that they allowed the audition anyway cuz they did have all pertinent info (for the next day), but you can imagine the domino effect on mental readiness. So, trust me, we had "put this one to bed" as well -- and yet-- when that phone call came, we almost needed an ambulance to resuscitate!
  • monkey13monkey13 Registered User Posts: 1,029 Senior Member
    There is a thread from last year about myths, and each myth was debunked or supported...and one of the myths was "If you don't get to see Barbara at CMU, you are not getting in." Up through last year, we were unable to find ONE acceptance who was not passed on to Barbara. Unfortunately, this is confounded by the fact that some kids are (randomly) assigned to see Barbara first at Unifieds...so for those kids, you don't know. But for those who see another acting teacher first, if you do not get passed on to Barbara, you are not getting in. CMU auditions are so pleasant...Gary and the others are so, so nice to ALL the kids, and so complimentary...while I love that aspect of it, unfortunately there were many kids who got their hopes up because of how nicely they were treated. But, the bottom line is if you don't see Barbara, you don't seem to stand a chance.
  • catchastarcatchastar Registered User Posts: 57 Junior Member
    There was an internal communication during the last round of auditions to all current CMU MT students cautioning them, pleading with them, not to give out false and/or misleading information, as to who they needed to be seen by (or passed around to), which song or songs they were asked to sing, or how many times they performed a monologue. The fact is current students, nor alumni, nor any audition coach or other individual who claims to be "in the know" can say with any certainty what indicators point toward an admission offer. This is a very subjective process which the team of auditors in the faculty hold very close to vest. Students who assist with the audition process do not know any specifics at all. The staff at the school has been auditioning students for 100 years and as a result they have clearly become very good and identifying actors who will fit their program demands and have the talent/look/skill set they seek. Best advice that can be given is to stop trying to read outcomes of the audition process. Face it, the chances at a number of historically "top tier" schools are insanely difficult. You child could do everything "right" be incredibly talented and had every "indicator" that they loved him/her-and they probably did. But that does not mean they will be offered a spot. As for researching past threads and not being able to find anyone who didn't see Barbara that got in, be mindful that a small percentage of accepted students visit this forum. So whatever is researched here is not a complete or accurate representation of all of the students given admission offers. Although it may be interesting, it is only anecdotal. Look, it's such a long shot for everyone and I encourage you all to "let go" after the audition and shift your focus on what lies ahead, not what's already done. The wait is torture I know, but it's cruel to have (or not have) hope based on inaccurate information. Wishing you all the best of luck but most importantly peace in the process. Peace in knowing that you/your student has done all that he/she can do, and believe in your heart that the right school will see that special something in your rising star. There are so many excellent programs that will adequately prepare these artists for a career, so keep casting that net to catch the right place for your student. And the good news is that this process will end...soon enough. And then, with all you've learned, you can "pay it forward" to the next round of applicants!
  • liveloveMTliveloveMT Registered User Posts: 39 Junior Member
    CMU was the most relaxed I had ever felt in an audition, and everyone was so nice! I got sent to Kaf first for acting and she had me make some adjustments and then we chatted a bit. Then onto singing with Claudia, and then Claudia had me go sing with Gary (who by the way was one of the kindest people there). Then Gary sent me to Barbara to do my monologues again, so needless to say it was a full day!
  • DradsmomDradsmom Registered User Posts: 181 Junior Member
    Good luck @liveloveMT. That sounds promising.
  • mommabears26mommabears26 Registered User Posts: 126 Junior Member
    My daughter auditioned for CMU at Chicago Unifieds - I have to say they were one of the kindest. most courteous groups that we have encountered this entire audition season. The people checking in were both very friendly, and really tried to just help the kids relax (even told the kids while they are waiting "this isn't a library, you can talk"). Barbara came and talked to everyone - also very friendly and assuring. Then Gary came and talked to everyone....he actually told the kids that this was their audition - if the accompanist has the tempo wrong, stop, help him fix it and start again. Quite the class act - my daughter went to the audition feeling a bit intimidated by the reputation of the program - but left feeling they really appreciated, valued and considered her talent. A nice way to end unifieds.
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