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Boy and Girl Ratio

Cash'dCash'd Registered User Posts: 158 Junior Member
edited December 2004 in Carnegie Mellon University
I've heard the ratio of boys to girls at CMU is about 3:2 (?!). So, this question is directed to students/gradutes of CMU: is the girl-boy ratio that noticeable? And are there problems of guys not being able to have a girlfriend?

I am aware that there are a lot of college students in the Pittsburgh area, so does this balance things out or...?
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Replies to: Boy and Girl Ratio

  • jamimomjamimom Registered User Posts: 3,278 Senior Member
    The reason for this imbalance is that two of CMU's schools-CIT, and SCS are predominantly male. As most engineering and computer science programs are. The girls at CMU loved to say, "the odds are good, but the goods are odd", referring to the many not so social males in those divisions. Also the SFA, though more balanced in ratio, has a number of "undateable males" (at least for the females) as many artsy schools do. However, the social scene in Oakland is quite lively--I lived there for 12 years and can attest to that. Pitt is very close in location to CMU-in fact there are Pitt buildings closer to the CMU enclosed campus than some CMU buildings, so closely are the schools geographically intertwined. And Pitt is a big school. Carlow College and Chatham College both all women's schools are also within walking distance from CMU.

    There are problems of guys not being able to have a girlfriend but I don't think the reason is that they are at CMU. LOL
  • Cash'dCash'd Registered User Posts: 158 Junior Member
    Ah, I see, LOL. Well, that gives a better perspective of things. Thanks.
  • kaypeekaypee Registered User Posts: 49 Junior Member
    heard it's like 68% guys 32% girls
  • itstoomuchitstoomuch . Posts: 1,745 Senior Member
    I'm a older guy with kid at CMU. Out of touch with the scene, Just what do you mean by "boyfriend"

    Our kid, we hope, is pretty balanced and has friends who are girls. Pretty sure he is not ready to get into a "steady" relationship. He sees his roommates and other engineering friends do too much pinning (?) and not staying focused. Girls seem to have that affect on boys. Frosh girls are cased out by upper class fairly quickly-ideal situation for a girl.
  • sgiovinc1sgiovinc1 Registered User Posts: 496 Member
    My D has MANY MANY male friends at CMU. She is a freshman. She has already been escorted to a semi-formal, formal, and toga party. She claims all of the boys she has met are wholesome and "good." There is one Frat that is notorious for "raping" girls....don't know what that means...and I shudder to think. Another is known for its alcohol consumption. Another known for its teetotaling, but nerdy types. The girls at Carlow College while very attractive, she claims, DO have somewhat of a reputation for being promiscuous. On a more solemn note, she also claims that the boys at CMU think that MOST of the CMU girls are of the canine variety, much to her dismay. It's a sad commentary when the boys think that the girls with whom they study and assist them in their academics, who wear little make-up and wear their hair in pony tails because they spend more time in a lab than they do in front of a mirror, are not as attractive as the gals at the OTHER more notorious school. Some day they will see the light and recognize that these CARNEGIE girls will be out in the work force some day and may even become their supervisors!
  • itstoomuchitstoomuch . Posts: 1,745 Senior Member
    Its a relatively small school. I probably wouldn't get serious with someone at my school if I'd have to later become the girl's TA/RA/lab partner or dorm-mate. May be like dating your own cousin. I would keep it very gentlemanly if dating a classmate... Unless, I was an senior, on the make or possibly looking for a mate

    What about canines? I'd take a canine anyday! Loyal, faithful, fetches, ALWAYS wants to be frisky. keeps the bed warm, obedient (after training), protects house and family. Mostly quite. Only disadvantage is that you have to groom it often because of the shedding, but if you select the right bred, shedding can be minimal. No such thing as an ugly canine. There are however ugly humans. Your D should rethink her opinion. Oh, Well. things never change.

    Know any Forums for grad schools besides CC's med and law? More general in nature? Arf.
  • sgiovinc1sgiovinc1 Registered User Posts: 496 Member
    ITSTOOMUCH: Very Funny! It is not my D's impression of all those canine varieties that disturbs her. It's the guys' opinions that hurt! Of course, she believes that "wholesome" is good and that you don't have to wear the postage stamp skirt to have male friends and escorts. She has great self-esteem, wouldn't dream of tarnishing her complexion with a drop of make-up, and believes that ALL of the girls at Carnegie are first rate...compatible, interesting, intelligent, talented, and best of all, of the non-shedding variety! Ruf!
  • itstoomuchitstoomuch . Posts: 1,745 Senior Member

    (need at least 10 characters to post on this blog)
  • sgiovinc1sgiovinc1 Registered User Posts: 496 Member
    Do you work at "PIGGLY WIGGLY"?
  • seventoedslothseventoedsloth Registered User Posts: 1 New Member
    I believe the ratio o f boys to girls is about 3:2. It is an accurate generalization that the girls in CFA are more attractive than most other girls, but there are exceptions. A large percentage of the population (including girls) is asian. Pitt is close by, but I don't know anyone from Pitt except for those that are involved in some of the CMU clubs. If you want to date people at Pitt, you run into the problem of them being overly not smart. Most of the people that I know who are dating have girlfriends from back home, not people they have met since they came. A girl and I are discussing getting into a relationship, but a lot of people do not want to committ time to it. CMU is very academic, and a lot of people are more focused on this. And there are a lot of nerds that never leave their computer. Like I said, I may be getting into a dating relationship soon and I am a CS major. If you want to date, the possibility is definately there.
  • itstoomuchitstoomuch . Posts: 1,745 Senior Member
    oink,oink! You shop at Piggley Wiggley?

    Glad that tomorrow is Turkey Day. Relieves the pressure off us pigs.

    Here's a story about son's frosh year and the canines. Son's roommates are from PA, NY feeder HS's and with gamer friends from like HS. One (professed christian) roommate quickly finds a ( professed christian) GF who frequents the room. One morning kid wakes and finds a fourth roommate in a single bed with BF. Sheets are quickly thrown off to show that both are fully clothed and all virtue is intact. Weird.

    Happens a few more times and we counsel son to talk to roommate that if a canine (oops) is staying the nite, that son should be made aware. Son says don't worry- its cool. [Weird.] Girl is always aloof and never tells son about herself, dorm, major other than CFA. In spring semester Son is investigating new dorm and knocks on door, and who answers but the canine. [Small student body.] Son likes room and reserves it with new found friends who have same hobbies and interests.

    Current roommates and friends are dating CMC girls. As I said before, the boys are always pinning because they are being dumpped. It seems that the canines are being pickey, as they can and should be. The canines are besting the pigs. Your daughter knows that the odds are in her favor and she can dress, act, appear anyway she wants. [Probably takes after her mother.]

    My commentaries are all in fun and in no way should anybody take my posts seriously. except when I write them seriously.

  • itstoomuchitstoomuch . Posts: 1,745 Senior Member
    Glad tomorrow is Turkeyday. Gives us pigs a reprieve.

    Here's a story. Son's frosh year, his roommates from PA, NY feeder HS's (He's from west coast region) Gamers, and with friends from like HS. One roommate quickly fisnd a GF, who frequents the room. One morning, kid wakes up and finds a fourth roommate-the GF, who's sleeping in a single bed with BF. Sheets are thrown off and reveals that both are fully clothed! How weird. Son says that nothing happened, because he would have heard the sounds of silence. GF is kinda secretive and never reveals were she's from, what dorm she's in, major other than fine arts school.

    Later son cases out potential dorms and rooms for soph year. Hears that a particlular dorm is good. He goes and spies it out, knocks on door a who answers but the fourth roommate. He likes room and reserves it with new friends who are going through CMU's canines (oops) GF's every month. It seems that the and who pinning about them.
  • sgiovinc1sgiovinc1 Registered User Posts: 496 Member
    Arf arf....D in NO way takes after mother. Mother wears LOTS of makeup trying to look COOL at age 55...D looks like came out of VOGUE magazine sans makeup...D is 5' 8" tall in stocking feet, lean and leggy! Mom is a squat 5' 5" with a derrier to match. D never appears to study much. parties alot, spent a summer in Australia,...drives a beat up Pontiac Gran Prix since she was 16 years old...MOM hit the books...never ventured far from home and had neither a car nor a driver's license until 21 yrs of age when I was newly betrothed.
  • itstoomuchitstoomuch . Posts: 1,745 Senior Member
    Whao. Too much information. oink.
  • sgiovinc1sgiovinc1 Registered User Posts: 496 Member
    And that's not the half of it! LOL!!! ruf.
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