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girls at cmu?

idk2016idk2016 Registered User Posts: 87 Junior Member
edited January 2014 in Carnegie Mellon University
how hard is it to find a gf at cmu? and how attractive are the girls? i heard that about 70% of the campus is guys, is this true?
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Replies to: girls at cmu?

  • GormandyGormandy Registered User Posts: 34 Junior Member
    It has more guys than girls.

    Playboy also rated it the second ugliest campus.

    I was worried about this too but I guess there's always U of Pitt? CMU was the best college I got accepted to so the choice was obvious but to be quite honest I'm not exactly looking forward to the social aspect there, from what I've heard it's nothing great. I sure hope I've heard wrong, but...
  • metalforevermetalforever Registered User Posts: 376 Member
    Social aspect is what you make out of it. People didnt really seem anti-social to me... CMU is about as social you can get while still having academics at CMUs caliber, IMO. Also, there isnt a shortage of girls if you look outside of engineering and cs.
  • completelykatecompletelykate Registered User Posts: 1,176 Senior Member
    1a. You are not attending USC or Florida State. Girls are going to be -2 points less hot than they would be at a party school. Accept this fact.

    1. It's not too hard to find a girlfriend, and you can definitely do it :). Many/most of my friends dated this year. Just get out there and be social. If you are at least a 5 on the hotness scale, I guarantee you you'll have plenty of game with the ladies. There are guys who complain about being blueballed, but many of them are also the guys who spend like ten hours in their room playing counterstrike every day. This is exactly the best strategy to ensure you never get laid, so just go join clubs and get your name on the frat lists.

    2. Engineering and CS girls are for the most part ugly. Not all of them, but many. Appearances just aren't on their priority list, as they're trying to build a better iPad and whatnot. Most of the parties will be filled with MCS/HSS/CFA girls and they're a nicer looking bunch. CFA parties especially.

    3. If you think the girls are bad, try being a girl looking at CMU guys. They're not exactly eye candy either. :p Sometimes I'm glad I'm dating a grad student.
  • bco09bco09 Registered User Posts: 653 Member
    I mostly agree with completelykate. There are definitely some attractive people at cmu, but no real bombshells. If anything, though, you will probably want to call dibs loud and proud around your friends. Don't be surprised if you find yourself going after your best friend's ex- or or one of her friends... there's just not enough supply to keep up with the rate at which people hook up

    Edit: Weak, I just noticed completelykate surpassed me in posts. Time to lock myself in my room and spend 10 hours on CC everyday...
  • completelykatecompletelykate Registered User Posts: 1,176 Senior Member
    bco, you need a desk job. Nothing makes you want to post on forums more when the alternative is piles of freaking paperwork.

    Also, I should add this: attractive CMU girls are mostly attractive through the benefit of genetics rather than makeup. They're just naturally good looking and tend to wear less makeup, as opposed to hitting the eyeliner and blonde dye hard, so they'll be pretty, but not hot. Some guys may say 'That's cool I hate it when chicks wear makeup anyways' but that is only because you don't realize how much of being hot is actually applying makeup well enough to avoid detection.
  • GormandyGormandy Registered User Posts: 34 Junior Member
    Kate you're actually giving me some hope here... hahaha

    Yeah that sounded creepy.

    But I guess there are all types of people everywhere. CMU won't have as many hotties as USC of course but I'm sure they exist.
  • completelykatecompletelykate Registered User Posts: 1,176 Senior Member
    Ahah, you'll be just fine Gormandy. Don't worry too hard about it :)

    It could be worse - you could be a girl. Our options are usually "nerd who hasn't bathed since the Triassic period", "vaguely homosexual design student", "pompous humanities dork" and "ECE major attempting to grow longest beard ever."

    Of course, there are hundreds of exceptions. ;)
  • lucky2010lucky2010 Registered User Posts: 1,465 Senior Member
    ^that makes me sad...
  • CaliforniaDancerCaliforniaDancer Registered User Posts: 1,582 Senior Member
    ^Agreed...I though I was going to take advantage of the 70/30ish split in engineering (or something) ;)
  • ilikecollageilikecollage Registered User Posts: 112 Junior Member
    For a guy that goes on CC saying, "I want to look for a girlfriend. How hard is it to find a girlfriend?????"

    Yeah, I think it's pretty hard.
  • AtoChansuAtoChansu Registered User Posts: 67 Junior Member
    I like how all the sources say girls at CMU are ugly and that it's impossible to find a girlfriend because there are so many guys here. The reality is that the school is 54% guys and 46% girls last time I checked and the ratio of guys to girls is getting smaller every year.
  • completelykatecompletelykate Registered User Posts: 1,176 Senior Member
    Most of the people who complain about that are the engineers/CS kids who are in almost all-male departments. The gender ratios in CIT and SCS suck hard. I haven't yet heard a CFA guy complain about his lack of game.
  • AtoChansuAtoChansu Registered User Posts: 67 Junior Member
    If those guys really had game, then they wouldn't "settle" for girls in their own major.
  • bco09bco09 Registered User Posts: 653 Member
    correct, if there is a guy who can write his own kernel, develop new algorithms, play on a varsity sports team, get wasted on the weekends, and somehow find the time to have a relationship with an art major who doesn't know what less than 8 hours of sleep feels like then yes, that guy really has game and should have no trouble.

    I'm not sure what point you're trying to make atochansu. The fact that there may be one or two out of the hundreds of nerds here that can overcome the ****ty odds doesn't at all change the fact that there are ****ty odds or hundreds of nerds who can't overcome them.
  • lucky2010lucky2010 Registered User Posts: 1,465 Senior Member
    ^computer science majors play varsity sports?
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