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Case Western EA Chances?

LetMeIntoCalLetMeIntoCal 115 replies49 threads Junior Member
I intend to apply for Engineering Undeclared
Asian/californian/at least top 10%/from a semi-competitive PUBLIC school (15% of 2005 Class will attend Ivies/Cal/UCLA next year)

9th - 10th Summer
Ceramics (1 semester class) - A

American Hist. - A/A }
American Lit. - A/A } You're forced to take these classes
Int. Science 2 - A/A }
Algebra 2 - A/A
Orchestra - A/A
Comp Sci - A/A
Spanish 3 - A/A

10th - 11th Summer
Chemistry - A/A

Honors Euro Lit - B/B
AP US Hist. - A/B
AP Chemistry - A/B
AP Stats - A/A
AP Comp Sci - A/A
Orchestra - A/A
H. Pre Calc - A/A

12th - Expected schedule and first semester grades
AP Enviro - A
AP Bio - A
AP English - B
AP Physics - A
AP Gov/Honors Econ - A
Calculus - A
Orchestra - A

... my UC gpa comes out to be around 4.14 Weighted and 3.86 Unweighted - please correct me if I'm wrong

Standardized Test Scores
SAT I - 2270 (720 verbal/760 math/790 writing)
SAT IIs - 790 Chemistry/800 Math IIC
PSAT - 225 (75 verbal/80 math/70 writing); should qualify me for national merit semi finalist

Community Service
200+ hours from library and local shelter

Probably National Merit Finalist, and that's about it


I've decided not to send one in


Also what are my chances of receiving some scholarships?
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Replies to: Case Western EA Chances?

  • The MomThe Mom 406 replies6 threads Member
    I'm just a parent, but you are easily accepted in the EA pool, and I would say a strong candidate for the Trustee Merit Award ($24k/year). Your stats are similar to my S, and was accepted EA with above merit award.

    Good luck!
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  • chocolateluvr88chocolateluvr88 798 replies29 threads Member
    are you sure that recs arent required?
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  • The MomThe Mom 406 replies6 threads Member
    Well obviously, if all application requirements are met, the student is in. I guess I should have made that clear in first post.

    YOU MUST complete the application per each schools requirements to be considered. No short cuts allowed. I believe the colleges might want to see if the student can follow instructions. If the app is incomplete, it will not even be reviewed.
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  • spikemomspikemom 637 replies48 threads Member
    I belive Case says the recommendation is recommended but not required. WHy wouldn't you submit one? My DS is applying EA and all our interaction with Case admissions seems to demonstrate they do a pretty personal process, not just by the numbers like some other schools.
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  • spikemomspikemom 637 replies48 threads Member
    A Case admissions rep spoke at my son's school last night and suggested 2 or three recommendations be submitted - a teacher, the GC, and perhaps a community service supervisor or someone else non-academic.
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  • BabuMohanBabuMohan 138 replies12 threads Junior Member
    I think a rec would definitely help with getting a scholarship.
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  • apple17apple17 183 replies49 threads Junior Member
    What I've heard for Case is that scholarships are pretty numerically driven...based on SAT scores. I've heard the formulas and from the 5 or so kids I know that have been accepted, they hold pretty true. But I don't want to post them publically. If you are interested, PM me.
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  • stargirlstargirl 376 replies3 threads Member
    Scholarships were up until a few years formula driven, and they de facto still are. The $ is going down for next year by a lot tho from what I hear so don't consider anything to be a done deal.
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