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Case Western Reserve University

Mitch02Mitch02 Registered User Posts: 9 New Member
I've recently been emailing an admissions director at Case Western Reserve University and was just wondering about the school. I'm seriously considering Case as a potential college option, but I have heard that the campus/social life are lacking here.
Can anyone who is familiar /associated with the college tell about Case? Is the social life lacking, or would it be good to help focus on and get help with academics and the "important" aspects of college. If someone could give me a little insight I would appreciate it! Thanks!
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Replies to: Case Western Reserve University

  • jkrtistjkrtist Registered User Posts: 220 Junior Member
    I'm a freshman at Case, and I can tell you that the campus and social life are definitely NOT lacking! The people who complain are generally those who attend the school because of its prestige but would have rather gone to Ohio State or another large party school. You can find parties on or off campus, greek or non-greek almost any night of the week (but mostly Wed-Sun nights). About 30% of the student body is greek, which is a really nice option for being social and networking-- the fraternities and sororities are a lot more service-oriented than many of the larger schools, and are a great option (I'm currently participating in sorority rush right now!). I honestly believe that the social life isn't lacking, and it is easy to focus on academics and still have a good time. Let me know if you have any other questions!!!
  • jujumakjujumak Registered User Posts: 93 Junior Member
    Can you tell what you like about the school and what you don't? What kind of vibe do you get from the school? Are most students competitive or chill? What do you do in your down time? Is drinking a big thing on campus? Do you feel safe? What about ethnic diversity?
    Thanks for your help:
  • jkrtistjkrtist Registered User Posts: 220 Junior Member
    I love how accepting the school is over everyone, whether you are gay or strait, a drinker or a nondrinker, greek or nongreek, etc. No one pressures you to be anyone but yourself! Almost everyone has some kind of scholarship, whether merit or needbased so no one prides themselves on being better because of a scholarship!

    The main thing I dislike about the school is how, within certain programs, people can gossip about grades. They did this a lot at my high school and it was hard for me, as a strait B student who worked three times as hard as some of the kids to get average grades. Honestly, it happens at every school, but it has just been the thing that bothers me the most. Even the chill students discuss it-- a lot of the time its a way to make conversation within programs like nursing or BME where you have so many classes with the same people! There isn't much that I can complain about at Case, I really do love the school so much!

    In my downtime (which isn't much because i'm a huge studier!) I try and do a lot! I take the bus to the mall or to Target to get food and shop once a month or so, and try to go to Little Italy or Coventry once a month too! I've also gone to the Natural History museum a few times and the Art Museum, which is really nice and quiet to walk around in and also to study in! There's also Cofee House across from Taft/Smith on north side (the best houses to live in... I can tell you more about them later!) where people go to hang out and study, and the Starbucks in the Village! You also become really close with the people in your house, and if you ever have downtime, there are usually a dozen people there hanging out and doing work together! I also have a small TV in my room, so we have movie nights and just hang out there a lot! There's so much to do that many people don't realize!

    Drinking is what you make of it- you can or you can't. I personally choose to not, and i've never been stigmatized because of it. Tons of people don't, more than any otherschool, so you're never alone. One fraternity even started a "nonalcoholic bar" where everyone gets their drink in a red cup so no one knows what you're drinking!

    On the whole, I feel safe on campus. Like any really urban school, there are incidents, but there is also a campus police force! I live right near West Philadelphia, where Drexel and UPenn are, so I'm used to a lot of security alerts and all. It comes with any urban school, its not just Case! I mean, I don't walk off campus alone at night, but if you're in a group going to Little Italy, you'll be okay. There's always the night shuttle and saferide!

    Case is actually really ethnically diverse and I never really realized it! I have friends who are from China, Finland, France, Turkey, South Korea, India, Egypt, Turkey, Taiwan... Case is about 12% international! It makes for a really nice, interesting working environment if you are open to learning about othercultures!

    Let me know if you have any other questions!
  • fauxmavenfauxmaven Registered User Posts: 1,786 Senior Member
    My son is a senior at CWR and has been very happy there . He has lots of diverse friends. He is not a big fan of Ohio in general and misses the life of suburban NYC . He is going to graduate school at OSU so he will be there for a long while . I LOVE Tommy's in Coventry ! Sort of retro-hippie with great food .
  • livn487livn487 Registered User Posts: 183 Junior Member
    How would you describe the students' morale at Case? Is there school spirit for school sponsored events and activities?
  • jkrtistjkrtist Registered User Posts: 220 Junior Member
    There is a huge amount of support for the school! Students tend to get very involved in USG (student govermnet), RHA (residence hall association), UPB (program board), sports, arts, etc. Every student is involved in activities, and the University supports hundreds of different clubs!
  • livn487livn487 Registered User Posts: 183 Junior Member
    @JKrtist: glad to hear that. We realize that there's not much of a sports culture so it's great that the university provides a way for the kids to rally around different activities. One concern that can't be helped is the weather. Between gray cold and snow and a heavy workload, it's important that there are ways to relax and have some fun.
  • mommelehmommeleh Registered User Posts: 303 Member
    I read on another student college review site that Case is not a "Jew-friendly" school. We were considering Case for my son, but now are concerned. While not religious, we wouldn't want him in such an environment. Any knowledge about this?
  • jkrtistjkrtist Registered User Posts: 220 Junior Member
    Hi! That is DEFINITELY not true. The site that you read that on is really really wrong. I am Jewish, and I have many Jewish friends at Case. Case is extremely religion-friendly-- I have never encountered a person who was disrespectful of my religion. People are very open at Case which I have always respected, and I have learned a lot about other religions, as I have taught many people about Judaism (I've made latkes, schnecken, and matzos with my friends in our house!). I have gone to a few Hillel (Case's Jewish students group) events, but not many since I do not know too many Jewish students involved. However, I have made several Jewish friends in my house and we have all started going together! It is a very open, relaxed environment! I am no longer very religious, but religion was a HUGE factor in my choice of a college- there are many mid-west colleges that do not offer the services of Hillel or any other student group, and I am an east-coaster from a very "Jew-friendly" suburb of Philadelphia!

    If you have any other questions or concerns, feel free to message me!
  • cecilturtlececilturtle Registered User Posts: 197 Junior Member
    jkrtist, thank you so much for this response.
  • mommelehmommeleh Registered User Posts: 303 Member
    Thank you for your response, jkrtist. Case seems like an interesting school in many respects. We will be visiting in a few weeks, but I wanted affirmation that this one poster was off-base.
  • jkrtistjkrtist Registered User Posts: 220 Junior Member
    @mommeleh- of all the crazy rumors and stereotypes about Case (have you heard of CWRU- case women are ugly?!), that is BY FAR the most off base! Its crazy to even think it! If you want to learn more about Jewish life on campus, feel free to e-mail Hillel- they'd probably love to meet you!
  • cahsparentcahsparent Registered User Posts: 334 Member
    Now switching from the social and religious scene to Academics. Looking for some answers from current Students:
    Starting in the Freshman year what classes are the largest by want of sizes and what would that number be?
    How does registration for classes work?
    Can you get the classes you want when you want them?

    I expect the curriculum to be rigorous and hence will not ask any question on that :)

    Some Statistics on the school:
    What is the graduation rate? (I am sure I can get this information on Google)
    More importantly I am looking for statistics on how many go on to Grad schools and professional studies like Law, Medicine, etc.?
    In particular any specifics you know about the Pre-Med program at Case and the stats on where people have gone for MD would be helpful.
  • phagocytosisphagocytosis Registered User Posts: 47 Junior Member
    Hi! So I'm kind of bored at the moment so I'll jump in to this conversation. Don't know if I'll make it back ...

    Background: I graduated from Case a few years ago with a BS in Biochem. I was not 100% in love with my Case experience, so here's another point of view.

    I'm from the west coast. The majority of people at Case are from Ohio and the surrounding states. I'm really not a big fan of cleveland and had no desire to stay there. It sucks now that I'm back on the west coast and all my friends are on the east coast. Also most kids there have been in marching band ... that's not really something I'm interested in. But there are a ton of other activities on campus to be involved in.

    I lived in dorms on northside all 4 years. The village is excellent! I didn't have a car, and really wished I had one to buy groceries and go out. Although now there is a new shopping center/grocery store opening up next to campus, so that's really helpful. There was not a lot to do near campus when I was there (off-campus activities). Taking the bus to target/walmart is a pretty long trip. And coventry is not that close - you need to drive or take 2 campus shuttles. And there really isn't that much to do in coventry. As for safety, let's be honest - it's on the edge of the ghetto. Just be smart and you'll be fine. Don't walk by yourself late at night with your headphones in - call campus security and get an escort (or ride if they're nice). I never had any problems, but I did know a student who got mugged.

    The greek life is AMAZING. Highly recommended. Parents - don't worry, it's about as far from the stereotypical greek life as you can get. The kids in greek life are the ones who don't want to sit in front of their computers all day playing video games (well, that's kind of unavoidable at Case ...). There are lots of opportunities to meet people and do community service. Also knowing people who have already taken the classes you are in can be helpful.

    Drinking is what you want it to be. Whether you're in greek life or not. I have heard kids complain that students at other schools get to party more while they are stuck studying all weekend. If you really want to party instead of study, Case is not for you. There's a reason why the majority of Case graduates go on to grad/professional school or nice jobs. I think the majority of my friends went on to medical school and other professional schools (pharmacy, physical therapy, law). A few went onto grad school. I probably have less than 5 friends who aren't really doing a whole lot with their lives.

    Class sizes the first 2 years can be big. Freshmen chem and calc (Dr. butler is the best!) are around 300. Intro bio classes sophomore year are also around 200. Intro to biochem (junior or senior year) is around 150 (full of pre-meds). Advanced biochem classes are 30-50. Do they still have SAGES instead of english 101? That's a rough topic ... I was in the first class to be required to take it. It was not well received. That was the only class that was extremely hard to register for. Some classes were really easy and some were really hard. At 17 people per class, the good ones filled up fast! Watch out! I lucked out and got reasonably easy classes so that was way better than taking an english 101 course. The worst requirement was the ethics and diversity course. There is a specific list of classes to choose from and you don't know when they will be offered. It's impossible to plan for! Also I did not have a good experience with the chemistry classes. I didn't learn anything. It was very disorganized. I found the work load to be manageable. I've never pulled an all-nighter and I've never gotten a C in a course. I went to a great high school (ranked 17th in the country at one point) so I actually found freshmen year to be easier than high school (pretty sure I was the exception).

    Overall I think Case is what you make it. Getting good grades will require studying. In the end you will be prepared for grad school or a job. You can be social if you make the effort. If you don't, then you will probably find yourself sitting in your room alone. If you can't say that you are a geek/nerd/dork in any way, shape, or form, then don't go to Case. You will know someone who plays world or warcraft for hours and hours. You will see people fighting each other with foam swords (twins jousting on unicycles was the best lunch entertainment ever!). You will walk on the binary walkway everyday to class.
  • phagocytosisphagocytosis Registered User Posts: 47 Junior Member
    Oh and as far as med schools, off the top of my head:

    I think the largest number of people went to ohio state
    Also many stayed in Ohio - Case, wright state, u of toledo
    Other individuals: virginia tech, northwestern, university of washington, johns hopkins, a medical college in pittsburgh ...

    -upenn dental
    -columbia dental
    -UCSD pharmacy
    -u of washington pharmacy
    -ohio state pharmacy
    -ohio state masters in food science
    -emory physical therapy
    -northwestern physical therapy
    -UC irvine phd biochem
    -northwestern phd immunology
    -carnegie mellon masters?
    -u of maryland psych phd
    -UVA law
    -northwestern law
    -purdue phd engineering
    -2 people went to optometry school
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