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A definitive, objective description of Case Western by a current student.


Replies to: A definitive, objective description of Case Western by a current student.

  • ColoradomamaColoradomama Registered User Posts: 1,919 Senior Member
    Interesting posts by students. I am a Case parent.

    In visiting college campuses, I would say that smaller techy/premed schools, like Case, do attract more studious students, but I have not noticed that personalities or looks of students are significantly different at Case than any other school. (comparing U of Colorado, Georgia Tech and Case, it all looks pretty much the same I would tell you). I think Case attracts serious students primarily from the midwest, making it friendly. East and west coast schools have a certain feel that is a bit different, maybe, but its not personality, it may be more of a style of dress, and not actual personality.

    Professors seem more accessible at Case than bigger public research campuses. They really like and welcome undergraduates into their research groups, which may be helpful for some majors at Case. Case is more focused on the undergraduates, who are very strong. Some PhD programs at Case are weaker, so the professors have to focus on undergrads, to get their research done, making Case seem more like a small liberal arts college, for professor/student interactions, and less like a PhD factory.

    Not so many schools offer a practical accounting major to undergrads, Case offers it. Lots of students get five year masters degrees at Case, in engineering, CS or accounting. Students that want an MBA, MD, LD,or PhD are in good shape, Case has a great record in many fields, for admissions to graduate schools.

    Any larger public college campus offers a higher dropout rate, a lot of students who have no clue what they want, and more parties though. Some colleges have easier access to drugs and more drug use, like U of Colorado.

    Sometimes a nerdy kid will come out of his shell during college, and those guys are very successful later in life anyway. People change and what I love about Case, is the strong friendships and bonds my son made in the four years, life long friends.

    I visit U of Colorado Boulder, once a week for ten years, and I was a Case parent for four years, and personalities of students are all over the map at both schools. Case and U of Colorado both have more international students lately, especially students from India prefer both colleges, so I don't see a lot of differences, in types of students, so much.

    But I am a parent, not a student.
  • collegeugrncollegeugrn Registered User Posts: 15 Junior Member
    My post was broken into 4 messages. The 2nd and 3rd didn't go through due to profanity so here they are:

    A lot has changed in Case since I posted this! Even more I've learned. Everything should absolutely be taken with a grain of salt. This is just based off my experiences. That being said, I am pretty well immersed in campus culture. I try to take advantage of every opportunity that comes my way. Many other kids at this school aren't well connected to the campus. They get stuck in a bad pocket and are too lazy to look for something better.

    School spirit: There was a club formed to try to address this lol. It seems to be doing alright. You can occasionally have fun attending games, but I wouldn't rely on it. The things I said about varsity athletes was pretty dumb. That was just me messing around with my freshman friends. They aren't D1, but they're usually pretty good or they quit. Also a lot of the athletes kind of clique together as time goes on. I don't really hang out with any of them anymore.

    Campus split: I'd still say this is true. A lot of the quiet kids can turn out to be pretty cool though, so if you come it's worth reaching out. A bunch of kids are legitimately annoying/terrible. I almost never have to deal with them, but for whatever reason when I do its bad.

    Attractiveness: Case kids are way less attractive then most schools. Not going to sugarcoat it. After being exposed to other college kids across the country, Case kids are really the pits. You can still probably find that special someone, but it's a lot harder than other schools would be. Socially, many many many students struggle. Lots of creepy/immature/mean guys. Lots of sheltered/awkward/mean girls. Also people really close off after freshman year so it can be hard to meet someone as an upperclassmen. BUT AGAIN it's what you make of it. I see lot's of guys here with chicks FAR out of their leagues (I know both, it's not personality). I've seen the reverse too.

    Parties: As someone who joined what many consider to be the top party frat I know a good amount about this. The social scene at Case has REALLY changed since I posted this. Many fraternities have gotten hit hard with sanctions. Mine has weathered the storm decently (not kicked off campus, no membership reviews etc), but it's shifted how we do things. We don't throw large in house parties anymore (same with most frats). Most of our stuff is more underground, different brother's places. Nowadays its especially important to know people. As I've gotten older I've gotten more disconnected from that scene (usual) so I don't hear about a lot of stuff now. If I were a freshman I'd probably be able to find about the same amount of parties now still. Most parties are way bigger messes lol. Risk management has gone way down because of how underground everything is. For all you incoming freshman take care of yourselves for lordy sake! Honestly though most are more fun now. Way less randos, less rules etc.

  • collegeugrncollegeugrn Registered User Posts: 15 Junior Member
    East Cleveland: It's a terrible place with a great Taco Bell. In all seriousness, if it worries you it's 100% possible to stay away. Don't be stupid. If you are interested it gives you a unique experience on how a lot of people have to live.

    Athletic equipment: This is correct, very nice and accessible. There's two gyms on campus now so it's pretty convenient.

    Weather: It's not as bad as people say. People like to complain. It definitely hurts the social aspects of Case.

    Jobs: I really disagree with what I posted. Case's professional opportunities are actually pretty limited. It helps to have connections (especially for your first internship). It helps to have a strong direction. Research is an easy path in if you don't have connections. Different companies look for different things. For the best chance, research the companies that recruit here, be yourself, be persistent, keep your GPA present, and try to learn from all of your experiences. My success? Lots of luck. Many things could have broken the other way and I'd be in a bad spot. That being said I've also had adversity and have had to overcome.

    BUT, this seems to be common across all Unis! One kid I interned with last summer from Stanford said it was incredibly hard for her to find a job! As a female engineer from Stanford with a high GPA. An intern this summer from MIT said the same thing. They both said that's common across their schools. Some of the most industry-connected schools I've seen have been the big state schools. UT Austin, UM, PSU, UCs etc. Small private schools that have a focus on research/academia seem to just be that way.

    If you're looking for grad school, Case students fair incredibly well. We're very well respected across the academic world.

    Personalities: I'd still say Case kids are chill and down to earth. I hear lots of stories about meanies, blue bloods and hyper-competitive kids from Ivies. Places like that kids are very into their status, and it can create a bad environment. Case is also kind of a toxic place to be. Many kids turn bitter over time and it can wear on you. A lot of kids (and kids' dumb parents) are obsessed with them being an engineer or doctor. It just isn't for everyone! Overall socially, I would definitely pick most other schools over Case. I spend most of my time with my fraternity brothers so it's not terrible. But you just can't really go out and meet new people and expect to hit it off.

    Accepting: Case kids are still very accepting. You can really feel free to be yourself. Many other schools aren't like this. Ivies people worry about their status a lot. State schools people worry about fitting in. Case people are comfortable to be their true selves. This isn't always the best thing...

    Social cred: I wouldn't really say this is true. It's not particularly well known outside the region. Everyone back home (Ohio) thinks case is full of geniuses. The coasts most people haven't heard of it. Hasnt been a problem for me. If they have heard of it, its always positive. It won't limit you professionally. Socially some people will look at you differently. That being said there have been plenty of interns from Ivies I've worked with that people have thought were annoying/weird. Again, it matters more who you are.

    Alumni: pretty spot on. What I said earlier about the tink is sooooo true lmao

    Greek Life: I was lucky enough to join a frat that's been a good fit for me. Not everyone can say the same. Be particular about which you join, I got lucky. I've never really been the most active member, but it's helped me in a lot of ways. If you're chill you can get into any frat. Don't get blinded by rush, try to see what the frats are really about. Sororities are a mixed bag. Girls get pretty manic over it, but it ultimately doesn't really matter. Some girls have a great experience and legitimately love it.

    Greek life still isn't creepy. We actually had a huge "breakdown" on sexual assault my freshman year. It was so over the top. There was one frat that had a kind of bad culture towards women but they're RIP. The average case frat guy is more respectful towards women than the average random guy at other schools.

    Greek life is still for everyone. If you're a hardcore partier you're probably better of doing your own thing nowadays though. Still a good way to meet people.

    Hookups: about the same? At case, you have to make a real effort. Other environments I've been in it's a lot easier. I've talked about this before. Honestly a big part of it is that case kids don't get drunk enough. And when they do drink they can't handle themselves. Kids are pretty busy and don't have time to drink as much as they do at state schools.

    Cleveland: after seeing west coast/east coast I'm not as big on cleveland. What I said is all still true. Have caution with east cleveland though lol

    Uptown is still getting better, but its honestly really solid now. For a small school many options nearby. No late night though on north side which sucks so hard some times.

    I partied a lot freshman year. I don't go out as much anymore. Most other schools parties are generally more fun than case's. Most of the time now I'll just go to bars. This scene is really what you make of it.

    Sorry for not replying earlier! I was really bored over winter break when I posted this and haven't thought much of it.

    Here's the PG version. Again make sure to read the summary! I hope this helps anyone interested.
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