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Applying EA. Got a couple questions.

JadeRockJadeRock 188 replies14 threads Junior Member
Hi, I am a rising senior and I will be applying EA for CWRU since I took a trip there earlier today and got a chance to see their science/medicine division and talk to some of the pre med students there. We even got to hold actual brains lungs and hearts it was pretty interesting to learn from these students.

So I have been taking classes at the local community college( Cuyahoga Community College) and am from Cleveland,Ohio. I've accumulated 37 credits since somphmore year and have heard that they may not accept all my credits. Even if they don't can these classes help my application? My test scores aren't exactly great, 25 twice in a row ACT and I took the SAT yesterday. My GPA is about 3.8 right now with honors and dual enrollment courses so I'm sure that'll help.

One other question about letters of recommendation, my teachers couldn't get naviance to work properly and will hand me the letters. Is it still ok to use them? I want to schedule an interview for next week and hand them the letters along with a resume and cover letter. Or should I do the interview and mail the letters? Or both? Thank you for the help.
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  • bopperbopper 14297 replies101 threadsForum Champion CWRU Forum Champion
    Talk to your Guidance Counselor ASAP about the letters. I would not think that letters handed directly from the student would not be met with some skeptism. The GC (or GC office) should mail the letters (provide them an envelope and stamps if necessary!)
    It is fine to schedule an interview.

    I would think that if you do well taking CC classes that it would look good for you as you are showing you can do well in college level classes. Also they should be familar with CCC as it is near by.

    I believe this shows you what courses would transfer:

    Also contact your admissions counselor with any questions:
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  • JadeRockJadeRock 188 replies14 threads Junior Member
    Thanks for the help! I'll definitely try to get in contact with them next week and schedule an interview for next week tonight. I spoke to my counselor and she said it would be fine to hand in the letters with other things such as my resume and cover letter. The one issue i may have is only getting a 25 on the act. Took the SAT this week and act again will be tommorow so hoping the scores will improve.
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  • halcyonheatherhalcyonheather 8774 replies212 threads Senior Member
    For what it's worth, I earned 36 credit-hours from Cleveland State University when I was in high school and CWRU accepted all of them.
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  • ColoradomamaColoradomama 2779 replies32 threads Senior Member
    CWRU is very generous accepting credits from most Community Colleges, IB scores or AP. scores Thats one of the many benefits of going to CWRU, you can move on to courses you have not taken yet and even take graduate classes too for undergraduate credits if you are ready and meet prerequisites.
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  • SoCcErTrAcK2016SoCcErTrAcK2016 202 replies11 threads Junior Member
    IMO, Case isn't exactly generous in accepting AP scores. I earned 4's and 5's on English Language, English Literature, US History, World History, US Government, Comparative Government, Physics 1, and Environmental Science. Of those, they are accepting *everything* except for World History and US History. That's kind of annoying, but what frustrates me is that in addition to this - they will only accept one of my English classes, and to earn that credit, I have to first take a Junior-level English class. Same thing with my US Government credit - I have to take a Junior-level US Politics class before they accept my AP credit. I took more than enough AP classes in high school to fulfill the 12 credit hour humanities requirement for my major, but Cases' restrictive policy is making me take 6 credit hours that I already earned just so I can receive 6 more credit hours that I also already earned. As an engineer, it's just freustrating to have to retake humanities that I already thought I got out of the way, in addition to SAGES, when all I want to do is focus on what I will make my living doing.

    In addition to that, they didn't accept the rest of the credit that I earned in High School - some of which was from a local community college, so I can understand them not accepting it. What really got me mad was that I earned full college credit at the Rochester Institute of Technology through the PLTW classes and exams at my school, and Case didn't accept them. Seeing that I did college-level material (like Statics and board layout) and I paid $250 per class for the credit, I was a little upset when Case didn't accept it.
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  • ColoradomamaColoradomama 2779 replies32 threads Senior Member
    @SoCcErTrAck2016 Rochester Institute of Technology is a much more hands on school than Case Western. So, a class like board layout would not probably be offered at Case Western, but it may serve you well as an engineer, to have such a class. Many schools are more theoretical than RIT. MIT, Case Western and Georgia Tech come to mind. None of those three would give you credit for board layout, but again, you are better off learning this and may get a job ahead of an MIT graduate because you know layout. Layout is a technical skill. Many companies hire high school graduates to do layout, both chip and board. So its not considered a regular college class, but very useful knowledge.

    Thats interesting about the humanities limits for credit. My son I thought got credit for SL World History at Case Western and HL English and SL SPanish. I think he got credit for BC Calculus, HL Mathematics, HL Physics an HL Chemistry too. He got a letter from Case with an entire year of college credits on a transcript, sent to him
    at home before his freshman year started. . I know he got a full year of economics credit for two AP exams, Microeconomics and Macroeconomics. But he did , as you suggest, take 300 level economics classes, many of them, so maybe thats why he got so much credit.

    Case Western and many other colleges I am familiar with, want all students to pass at least one college level writing class. Case Western requires three writing classes for any major. Thats a good thing, to learn to write well, and you are paying a lot of money to get a Case Western degree, so I think you may find you learn something in these 300 level classes. I hope so. Its not high school, its a higher level, so taking the time to learn college level writing skills is part of your job as an undergrad. Good luck.
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