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case chances??

jain126jain126 11 replies24 threads Junior Member
hi I am an international student attending a small school in Texas.

I'm planning to apply as a early action to case, and I would like

you guys to juge my chance to get into case. ^^

I have had many volunteering experiences

-Helped bulit houses for poor people in the philippines.
-Worked at the city hall
-joined in a NGO
-Taught lesson for poor immigrants.
-Taught English for immigrants.
-Cleaned the city every weekend.
-Worked at the school library.
-Cleaned the river every weekend.
-Joined in a environmental clean project.
-Taught Korean to young people.
-Helped people who were injured by tsunami.
-Made food for poor people
-plant trees
-worked at the post office.
-worked at the government.
-taught bible lessons for students.

Therefore I am planning to write my essays about my volunteering
experiences in many countries since I was 12.

However, my scores are pretty bad to apply to case western.
SAT 1760 oct 1820
GPA 3.56 (UW) our school doesn't offer honors or aps
Toefl 240 (required for international students)(minimum 213 for case western)

Leadership skills, activities, and talents.

-captain for freshman(president)
-varsity soccer captain
-Math Team Captain
-Theatre Movie leader
-Won a English speech contest in City
-Won a Math Competion in a district
-Member of study group
-Member of chess team
-leader of international honors society
-Member of design team
-won the district champion for math competition.
-Won the first prize in English depart.
-organized a environmental team
-won the english competion again.
-won the Math competition again.

These are my talents and abilities.
I am considering a major either Math or general studies.
(please tell me which would have more chance to get in.)
Please judge my chances as early action and please give me some

advise. Thank you ^^
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Replies to: case chances??

  • mkevb1mkevb1 297 replies8 threads Member
    i would say the standardized test scores are your weakest points. i would think +2100 be sufficient.
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  • seattlechicaseattlechica 86 replies0 threads Junior Member
    As a heads up Case does not offer a major in general studies. You can come in as an undeclared major lots of students do I can't remember the number it's at least 15%. You can also say that you're interested in math and change your mind later without any problems. The 25th percentile SAT score for this years entering class is 1820. If possible I would suggest retaking the SAT's I think you could get in Early with less than a 2100 maybe more like 1900-2000 would be a good target score.
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