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Transportation from airport to CWRU

dsultemeierdsultemeier 696 replies17 threads Member
My D will probably come by herself for an admitted student open house and fly into the Cleveland airport. Can she take a train to the campus and, if so, what line and stop should she use? Or is there a bus or other transportation that would be easier to use? Thanks.
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Replies to: Transportation from airport to CWRU

  • jliujliu 212 replies32 threads Junior Member
    Taxicab would be easiest? Although I'm guessing it would cost 20+ dollars it's not really that close to the airport (20 min?). The airport isn't even in Cleveland it's actually near Berea.... If you look on mapquest or google maps you can get an idea.

    I think that the train is probably alright during the day, during the night it's not as reliable and it's obviously not as safe as any other option like a cab.
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  • mathandpimathandpi 9 replies1 threads New Member
    I would definitely recommend just taking the train: the red line goes directly from the airport (its in the same building, just follow the signs from the gate,to the main terminal, towards "ground transportation", and then down to where it says "rta") to the campus....you could get either off at the University Circle stop (south campus) or the East 120'th stop (a little off the edge of north campus).

    The ride is about 45 mins and only $2.00 (one way)

    Look here for maps and schedules: Timetables, Maps & Schedules | Greater Cleveland Regional Transit Authority (you will want the 'red line' designation '66)
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  • aphoticmelodyaphoticmelody 447 replies21 threads Member
    She can take the RTA Rapid train. It's cheap and easy. There will be signs in the terminal directing her to the train stop. Trains come usually about every 15 minutes I think. However if it's late at night she might want to consider a cab if she's by herself... it all depends on her comfort level.

    Once she gets on, she just needs to ride the train straight down to University Circle (it's one stop before E. 120th IIRC). Like mathandpi said, it's about a 45 minute ride. The stop is located on a small street across from the south side dorms.

    She just needs to walk towards the road - Adelbert, she shouldn't have any problem seeing it - and then turn left to head to the main campus. Alternatively, if it's during the daytime there are Greenie shuttles that make a stop at the University Circle RTA station that can take her where she needs to go.
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  • CaseSpartan10CaseSpartan10 313 replies8 threads Member
    I would also recommend the train, and she should get off at University Circle.
    E.120 is pretty sketchy.
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  • The MomThe Mom 406 replies6 threads Member
    Yes, take the train, but definitely get off at U circle. Is it possible for student overnight host to meet her at train station? I would ask admissions, especially is arriving after dark.
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