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Careers located in Ohio (Specifically, in Cleveland or UH)

CastCast 328 replies15 threads Member
What are some careers in the business field? Biology field? Nursing field? I am aware of most of the careers and have visited UH myself, but I'd like to make sure to know all careers that are a potential one for me.

One general question-- if I were to attend Case for biology in undergrads, and then pursue an MBA, what kind of careers are located in Ohio (Cleveland is possibly preferred because of UH)?

As for nursing, I am thinking about looking past biology and business and go into nursing (maternity or emergency room, etc.) and possibly have a career as an RN (registered nurse) in UH.

I'd appreciate any and all perspectives and opinions! (Oh, and it would be appreciative if you are posting and add whether you are a student at Case, a former student, the year that you are currently in, what you are majoring in or have majored in, etc.).

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Replies to: Careers located in Ohio (Specifically, in Cleveland or UH)

  • casegirlcasegirl 126 replies2 threads Junior Member
    I'm a junior Biomedical Engineer.

    However, I do have a lot of nursing friends. You probably know this, but nurses are in high demand almost everywhere, chances are that you will find a good job in Cleveland as a nurse. There's UH, Cleveland Clinic, probably something else in Cleveland. Plus people are very impressed by Case nursing degrees (don't quote me on this, but I think Case is like #4, not sure exactly, but rankins-wise nursing is Case's best field). I know that many hospitals will pay off your nursing school loans if you sign a contract. So, there's lots for you there.

    Try contacting Case's career center for questions like these, I haven't used them because I intend to go to grad school, but their information can't hurt.
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  • CastCast 328 replies15 threads Member
    Thanks casegirl,
    I'm leaning more towards on Nursing as a major and specialize into possibly the emergency room. After graduation, I'm planning on going to grad school (Case as grad if I'm accepted). By the way, I'm a male.
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