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First semester freshman transfer?

na1928na1928 73 replies31 threads Junior Member
I have a question about transferring to Case Western. I am currently about to finish my senior year of high school and I am kind of in a sticky situation. I am not crazy about the college I will be attending in the fall and I was reading on the college board website that Case Western accepts first semester freshman transfers. Since the deadline for first semester transfers is the end of this week (May 15th), does this mean that my situation would qualify as a "first semester freshman transfer"? I have heard of mid year freshman transfers but never a first semester freshman transfer, thus, could somebody please clear this up for me because if I am qualified to transfer then I would really like to do it (and I don't have much time!).
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  • casegirlcasegirl 126 replies2 threads Junior Member
    Why not just call Undergrad Admissions? They can give you the answer, whereas most people here can only give best guess.

    Here's all the advice I have at the top of my head:

    If it does so happen that you can apply later and if you haven't already, come visit Case Western some time to make sure transferring is actually what you want (I highly recommend meeting students, not just the campus tour). The next school year might not be possible so you might be able to visit over the summer, quite a few students stay over the summer. If you do decide to visit over the summer, feel free to message me, I might be able to help you meet up with someone.

    This one's for free: If you do decide to transfer, it would serve you well to talk to a student, prof, undergraduate studies counselor or just look at the student handbook to see what courses you could take your first semester that would transfer well.

    Or maybe you could try to take courses at Case this summer, skip next term (so you don't waste tuition money at a school you're not interested in), and then enroll in the Spring. You'd lose your deposit, but depending on how much that is, you might save money (tuition at Case during the summer I think is halved).
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