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MTSU or Lipscomb

jgraham12345jgraham12345 2 replies1 threads New Member
edited July 2012 in Christian Colleges
If you received a full-tuition sholarship to both Middle Tennessee State University and Lipscomb University, which would you choose and why?
edited July 2012
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Replies to: MTSU or Lipscomb

  • Whistle PigWhistle Pig - 3973 replies120 threads Senior Member
    You first. If YOU got full scholarships to each, which and why? Yours is the only answer that counts, so let's get it out of the way first. All the rest is "spittin' into the wind."

    Cmon, come clean, and do tell.
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  • jgraham12345jgraham12345 2 replies1 threads New Member
    Well, I have weighed the pro's and con's of both schools myself, however, as they say, two heads are better than one. I want to gain as much perspective as I can about both institutions. I have not received these prestigious scholarships yet to be clear. I will find out in April. Lipscomb IS my school of choice as it stands for my own reasons. The point of this question is to gain others perspectives and to obtain as much insight as possible. Any advice is appreciated. Thank you so much!
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  • Whistle PigWhistle Pig - 3973 replies120 threads Senior Member
    Well, beyond general geography, these places are about as different as institutions can be.

    So what do you think? How did you come to these two options??? Your question is a bit open-ended, don't you think. If you really want the answer to your inquiry read both catalogs and visit both. Wait until they "show me the money!" and evaluate value. Maybe somone(s) else will want to give you the universal core dump on these grossly disparate places. Not me.

    What is important to YOU?
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  • jgraham12345jgraham12345 2 replies1 threads New Member
    I actually think this is a very simple and close-ended question. I am asking those familiar with these universities what THEY would do in this situation and WHY they would do it. It's kind of like asking, "If you won the lottery, what would you do with money and why." When people are asked this question, they usually answer pretty straightforward, without immediately asking the person who asks the question, "Well what would YOU do?" I understand your concern for me to evaluate the issue, which I have and continue to do; nevertheless, I am simply asking a plain question. The question did not start off as, “Should I”—it started “If you”

    Thanks for those who give their opinion.
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  • DrewD2012DrewD2012 1 replies0 threads New Member
    I'm choosing Lipscomb, and will become a full-time student in the fall. I weighed all the options, and came out with a few reasons why I should choose Lipscomb.

    1: The atmosphere of the college is unlike any other, if you've been you know what I mean
    2: ABET Accredadation, which may not mean anything unless you going into engineering like me
    3: Everything about the college is nice, all the facilities, complexs, everything was newly rennovated and looked incredible.
    4: Its fairly prestigious, and looks good on a resume. According to their stats they reject about 45% of all apps.
    5: Its in Green Hills, a amazingly awesome place. One of the Nicest in the Nashville area.
    6: Cafeteria, sadly, this actually played a little role in my choice. The cafeteria is AWESOME! hehe

    Now if only I knew someone else who was going :D
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  • Whistle PigWhistle Pig - 3973 replies120 threads Senior Member
    If the finances work, you've made an excellent choice. There really is no comparison beyond both culuminating in a sheepskin, but most have been forced into scenarios unpreferred but more readily affordable. Congrats and best wishes for a joyful and productive tenure at Lipscomb.
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  • dreamweaver89dreamweaver89 8 replies3 threads New Member
    Daughter is going to Lipscomb in the fall, starting out in business but may switch. She DID get the full tuition Trustee scholarship :-) but she had decided to go there before receiving it. We looked at 14 colleges in the midwest and south and this is the one that just "felt right" to her. When she was there for the Presidential Scholarship weekend we were blown away by the personal attention from everyone.
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  • Pepper77Pepper77 4 replies0 threads New Member
    I live in a Nashville Suburb now. Grew up in Green Hills. My first son went to MTSU and got overwhelmed by the size (he's on the shy side).. didn't like the food there... got depressed and dropped out. It should have been a good choice given the price point and strength of the music/ recording program, however. I have relatives who went to Lipscomb and thrived. Lipscomb with it's Christian imprint throughout the campus and classroom will be very different than MTSU. My opinion is to attend Lipscomb unless you need something MTSU uniquely offers ( football, marching band etc that are not at Lipscomb.)
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  • ucacheer2213ucacheer2213 100 replies3 threads Junior Member
    Go to LU!!!
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