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Evangelical Christian Colleges and Pre-Med Studies

rickpeterrickpeter 0 replies2 threads New Member
edited December 2012 in Christian Colleges
Which evangelical Christian colleges have the best record for actually getting students into medical school (M.D.)? Which ones should be avoided? Why? I would enjoy hearing from any current or past medical school students who previously attended an evangelical Christian college for his/her perspective.
edited December 2012
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Replies to: Evangelical Christian Colleges and Pre-Med Studies

  • sbjdorlosbjdorlo 4896 replies388 threads Senior Member
    I have no personal experience but can share that our pastor's son graduated from Wheaton and is now in med school. He didn't have a great gpa apparently (he's a very, very smart guy but goofed off in college too much), but still managed to get into med school the second go around. So, having an u/g degree from Wheaton was just fine.
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  • CreeklandCreekland 7341 replies95 threads Senior Member
    Wheaton is definitely a good option, but I also suspect that most colleges have success with getting students into med school as I know kids who have gone to both smaller schools (like Covenant) and "lower stat" schools (like Liberty) and still made it in to various places. If you want a higher ranked med school, stick with a higher rated undergrad for better odds, but you'll want to be sure you can be at or near the top of your class. If you're aiming for a state med school (these are less expensive, so many prefer them) then any school where you can be at or near the top of your class will work.

    Your best bet is to find some schools you like and check out where they've had recent grads go to med school. Then remember, you want to keep your undergrad as inexpensive as possible as med school is expensive...
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  • Whistle PigWhistle Pig - 3973 replies120 threads Senior Member
    sbjdorlo and Creekland are on the money.

    Wheaton has an exceptionally strong science program and a collectively very bright student body. Many, maybe most would say that Wheaton is the Rolls Royce of evangelical institutions with top-flight, battle-tested faculty; great students with few exceptions; a culture that nurtures and accommodates excellence in Spiritural nurture and academic preparation.

    There are any number of institutions that can and do prepare and assist their bright, motivated med-school aspirants to achieve their goal. Many of these are anecdotal situations, i.e. they are not pervasive, common-place, and informative and useful in directing significant numbers of pre-med students to diverse medical schools (geographical, selectivity/elite reputation, special focuses, etc.)

    Imo, this is the issue to be seriously researching and considering. Not can the institution/does the institution have a history in this track, but what is the history? How many? Where did they go? Is there assistance (regular and intensive) in assisting students to prepare for the exam? How many took it this year? Last? Over the past 5 years? Who is/are the key advisors? Does the school have formal/informal relationships with specific med schools? Which profs have relationships with med school profs? Is it competitive? How are students "washed out?" Which course(s) serve this function? How many BS vs BA degrees does the institution award?

    It's like having brain surgery. Neuro-surgeons are a dime a dozen, and every one of them will tell you theirs are among the world's most gifted hands for cutting a sick brain. But with one real shot, you want the guy who can and has done 1,000 surgeries like yours, not 10.

    Rarely, perhaps never will an institution tell you ... "Nah, if you want to go to med school, ours might be among the last places you wanna go."
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