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Lipscomb Vs. Harding

LeathefuturedocLeathefuturedoc 27 replies10 threads Junior Member
I am constantly finding myself stuck between Lipscomb University and Harding University. I am double majoring in Biology (Pre-Med) and Missions. My goal is to be a medical missionary in Haiti. I have visited both of these schools and they both seemed like very good schools. I am a member of the Church of Christ, so I know that both of these schools will be compatible with my religious beliefs. I hold the spiritual aspect of the school in very high regard because it is a huge component of my life. I currently have a 30 on my ACT and a 4.3 weighted GPA. If you know about these two schools, please help me decide by providing your opinion on the school with the better programs/social clubs/academics/res life. Thank you in advance.
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Replies to: Lipscomb Vs. Harding

  • MithriumMithrium 7 replies0 threads New Member
    I also ended up deciding between Harding and Lipscomb! For me the deciding factor was whether one was more strict than the other, but that might not be such a factor to you. I'm at Lipscomb right now. I'm definitely not in any field near Pre-Med, but I know several people that have gone or are going through that track right now, and they have all seemed very satisfied and confident in their education, have done well on the MCAT and gotten into their med schools of choice and all that. Since the two schools are so similar, financial aid will probably be a prime consideration between them. I know at Lipscomb you would get good merit aid with your scores and could even qualify for full-tuition scholarships or more. But that is a maybe.

    You could definitely get into the Honors College at Lipscomb though, which I would recommend, especially for some of the honors freshmen classes you can take. As far as social clubs, I can't tell you much because I'm not in one, but I can tell you that Lipscomb also has service clubs and they are fantastic. Great community, great focus on community work, and there are some social functions in them too. For academics, I'm not sure how Harding compares for your area of study, but Lipscomb is building a large extension on its sciences building now. You would probably benefit from that. Definitely consider the Honors College in your decision though, and maybe write them to ask them more. It was the Honors College director who convinced me to come to Lipscomb.
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  • pacnwmompacnwmom 83 replies11 threads Junior Member
    Could you tell us what you especially like about the honors college? Do you know if Education majors are able to be in the honors college? Also, my D is also considering Belmont, any info on how you would compare it to Lipscomb would be appreciated (she is considering Education major) Thank you!
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  • lubbublubbub 67 replies0 threads Junior Member
    My son went to Harding and graduated last Spring - PreMed with degree in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology. Had a great 4 years experience there in an environment that suited him. Of course sheltered some - somewhat strict dorm life, chapel, etc - but not smothering. Basically you can find where you best fit in, from very strict to pretty laid back and free spirited. I frankly was surprised that my son came back with a lot more liberal in his religious thinking than before attending Harding.

    PreMed program was very challenging and very well positioned to get you into Med schools. He had good grades and did very well on the MCAT. Applied to 5 Med Schools, got interviews at 4 of them and accepted into all 4. Got his first choice in a very good Med school and has done very well compated to class mates from other large universities. Harding's acceptance rate into Med School is very high.

    You can get some pretty good money at Harding with your marks. If you can up that ACT score just a little they can give you more.

    Son didn't really consider Lipscomb but my daughter did. She was a recruited athlete at both. Lipscomb is no doubt a little more liberal from the CoC perspective. Neither were a very good fit my my daughter both athletically and academically and she went elsewhere. Location wise, Nashville wins hands down if you are looking for a vibrant exciting city life.
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  • LeathefuturedocLeathefuturedoc 27 replies10 threads Junior Member
    @lubbub Do you come from a more traditional or liberal church of christ? I come from a little more liberal one.
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  • LeathefuturedocLeathefuturedoc 27 replies10 threads Junior Member
    @mithrium What is the honors college like?
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