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How is Liberty U academically?

PNDthe4thPNDthe4th 1 replies1 threads New Member
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I would like to major in religion/philosophy and I am considering Liberty. I am wondering how challenging their academics are, particularly the religion department. Does anyone have any incite on this?
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Replies to: How is Liberty U academically?

  • Whistle PigWhistle Pig 3973 replies120 threads- Senior Member
    Can't speak personally beyond knowing there are several very bright students from church who attend there and are well pleased. That answers not your question though.
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  • phear_mephear_me 283 replies8 threads Junior Member
    Liberty is not well known for academics. If you want a challenging, respected, and orthodox religion/theology degree take a hard look at Biola and Wheaton.
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  • barronsbarrons 23055 replies1955 threads Senior Member
    Religion is quite demanding and good. The rest of the school--improving.
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  • NikkiiLNikkiiL 1035 replies13 threads Senior Member
    As a graduate of Liberty who received my Associates in Religion, I believe the academics for this major are pretty good. The professors do make you think and question by you believe certain things....even when your belief perfectly matches that of the professor.
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  • ShrinkrapShrinkrap 11539 replies251 threads Senior Member
    Probably irrelevant, but one of my D's friends went there with something like a 2360 SAT.
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  • PNDthe4thPNDthe4th 1 replies1 threads New Member
    Hey thanks so much you all. I appreciate your words Nikkiil. I am definitely glad to hear that it is challenging and though provoking. That is what I want, to deepen my own understanding. Well else do you all know about Liberty? Nikkiil, what do you have to say about the environment and the students there? I have heard from people who have visited, which I will be doing soon but I would like to hear from a graduate.
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