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Biola University? HELP!

BaoXiongBaoXiong 5 replies3 threads New Member
edited October 2010 in Christian Colleges
Hello guys! I am a sophomore going on to junior very soon now.
I am a female.
I really want to go to Biola University but i failed about two of my classes this year.
I got really behind and couldnt catch up anymore especially becuz i am very slow in learning and have very bad memorization.

Though i am a christian and have been one since i was a little girl.
I have always been working on my faith and my walk towards God.
Things at school got really difficult and i didn't make it.
I still want to go to Biola but now i don't know if i will make it.
My last semester GPA was 3.5 and now its very low.

I am planning to go to summer school but what should i do?
I was given an opportunity for a summer job to work at a christian camp.
To me i felt it was a chance God has given me to stronger my faith and a chance for ministry. The summer Job pays total about $1,195.

If i chose to go to camp and work then i wont get to go to summer school.
I dont know what i should do that will increase my chance of getting into Biola Now.
I failed Algebra 2 and Biology.
So if i chose to go to the christian camp to work

My classes for Junior year would be:
Algebra 2
AP english
AP u.s Hitsory
Spanish 3

If i chose to go to summer school

My classes for junior year would be:
Pre-calculus Honors

But then again i failed two classes as a sophomore. Do u guys think Biola would still give me a chance?

I am going to work extremely HARD NEXT YEAR! So would Biola still accept me? What do you guys think?
edited October 2010
5 replies
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Replies to: Biola University? HELP!

  • CreeklandCreekland 7326 replies95 threads Senior Member
    Speaking as a math person, you're better off taking Alg 2 next year and not over the summer. Pre-Calc and Calc will depend heavily on your Alg 2 skills, so rushing that course over the summer just isn't a good idea. Without a good foundation, you're just setting yourself up for a hard time in Pre-Calc. You have time to do Alg 2 as a Junior and Pre-Calc as a senior.

    With respect to getting into college (Biola included), if you bring your grades up and have a good work ethic your junior year I would expect that would be ok. In any interview, I'd be prepared to discuss WHY you had your course failures and what you learned from that experience. Many people have times that need explaining - it's part of growing up. It's getting back up, learning from, and rising above those times that will help you succeed (in life).
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  • BaoXiongBaoXiong 5 replies3 threads New Member
    Thank you so much for the help!
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  • Irene JoyIrene Joy 57 replies10 threads Junior Member
    I don't see why Biola wouldn't accept you with the GPA you have. I'd recommend you give their admissions office a call and ask them directly. The number is 1-800-OK-BIOLA.

    (My son will be starting Biola in the Fall.)
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  • EduXpertEduXpert 25 replies0 threads New Member
    I honestly dont know BIOLA's minimum standards.... Their acceptance rate is very, very high... So I wouldnt be surprised if they admitted you with failing grades on your transcript; HOWEVER, you arr definitely at a major crossroads.

    After giving BIOLA's admissions office a call, you may find that you could still be admissable even with a few poor marks on your transcript. Then again, do you REALLY want to narrow down your college options SO early??

    By retaking those classes this summer, you could potentially erase the failing scores and maintain a competitive college prep course schedule when you return to school in the fall.

    You may have your mind set on a Christian university... Hence your attachment to BIOLA... But you may discover a Christian university in the next 2 years that you like 10x more but has higher academic requirements for admission. I wouldnt disgard the 2nd chance you have now to correct your transcript for one summer at camp.

    Trust me on this: there will be MANY more summer camp opportunities for you down the road.
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  • JosephSungJosephSung 1 replies0 threads New Member
    no need to worry a score is just a number
    it is up to one to prove him self so your score was low ?
    you don't want to know how my scores are
    but some how i managed to come so fare why is that because of 2 things
    1 FAITH!! Faith in the Lord that he provides us knowing God can make it happen
    and 2CONFIDENCE !! by continueing eventhough my dean told me you can not manage
    you can hardly pay the bill you are falling behind but i'm still here

    keep that in mind and everything can happen
    keep pocitive at nind
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