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Claremont Mckenna: why its unique/ different especially from the other 4 colleges in the consortium

keewimkeewim 3 replies5 threads New Member
I'm applying to CMC ED this fall and just wanted to know what it makes it different from the other 4 colleges in the consortium; what can CMC offer that the other colleges cant? I'm not asking for if CMC is better than the other 4 or anything. I know they specialise in different areas but what really makes CMC different?
What is CMC-ers quality of life?
The workload?
How does the work hard play hard scenario play out?
How does the academia differ from that of the other colleges
What are some campus facilities like and what stands out to you about them?
Any help is appreciated! Thank you!
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Replies to: Claremont Mckenna: why its unique/ different especially from the other 4 colleges in the consortium

  • rocioargrocioarg 34 replies4 threads Junior Member
    I have never visited so I’m not qualified to answer, but there are a lot of similar posts on this forum as well as those for the other colleges in the consortium. I applied RD to CMC - I was certain I wanted to apply to one of the Claremont Colleges but CC helped me a lot in deciding to which one. Hope you can find those posts and they help you as well!
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  • glotzbachtglotzbacht 1 replies0 threads New Member
    I read some Induck interviews on all the 5C's and it seems like CMC has more of a finance/consulting pre-professional vibe whereas Pomona and Pitzer are more so focused on the humanities. CMC's Econ department seems like it's really pre-professional and finance heavy. CMC is also where a lot of students like to "party" more it seems...
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