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Parents of the HS Class of 2018

HeliMom74HeliMom74 550 replies32 threads Member
Hopefully it's not too early to start this thread. In reading the forums here, I've discovered (in some cases) it's never too early to start college planning and questioning!

My 8th grade son is our resident Trekkie and techie. His dream school is MIT, and he is undaunted by the narrow chances of admittance. I admire his spirit. He took the ACT for the first time in December 2013, and earned a 31 composite.

These forums have been such a boon as I prepare to send my oldest child to college (class of 2015). Best wishes to all the kiddos as they make their way to college!
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Replies to: Parents of the HS Class of 2018

  • mstompermstomper 1041 replies40 threads Senior Member
    He's done, but we have FAFSA and CSS to do. CSS is only needed for reaches, so there's a good chance we're doing it for nothing. It's due 11/15 for Fordham, thougn.
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  • jjkmomjjkmom 326 replies4 threads Member
    Congrats on acceptance @verbal572 & @Astro77 !
    @sushiritto maybe try ASU or CSUs, very easy apps no essay, no LOR, 1 hour max to finish!
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  • GoAskDadGoAskDad 712 replies14 threads Member
    I was too shy to start this thread myself, but I'll be on it for DS2! He has also taken the ACT (did not score a 31...that's an amazing score HeliMom74!) and he has taken the SAT, as well. He did much better on the SAT than the ACT, but I've read that the SAT will be changing to be more like the ACT in the next couple of years :-(

    I also have a DS1 (Class of 2015), so I'm still learning everything via his journey. And DH & I have 2 more after that...Classes of I Don't Know Because I Haven't Counted On My Fingers Yet...

    To any parents out there who are starting this process with their oldest DC, I highly suggest reading a prior Parents of Class of 20XX thread. Start at the first post and read some each day if you can. Not only is this highly informative, but it reads like a novel! I highly recommend the Parents of HS Class of 2013 thread started by RobD. Those parents taught me so much, bless them. And find out what an EFC is...plus an estimate of what yours might be. Do this sitting down. I wish someone would have explained this to DH & me in the maternity ward w/DS1.

    Good luck to all as we travel this road together!
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  • HeliMom74HeliMom74 550 replies32 threads Member
    Thank you, GoAskDad! (I giggled at your screen-name.)

    I did learn from my Class of 2015 daughter that it would be wise to have my Class of 2018 son take the SAT earlier than junior year, as it is causing her inordinate stress in hoping she'll have the appropriate confirmation score for National Merit stuff.

    Ugh, all the testing: I know it's necessary to have some sort of measurement, but I despise how kids are ruled by the numbers for their years of school.

    I have learned MUCH from these threads. Is there a thread which explains all the acronyms used by posters on these forums? Some I can figure out using context, but others leave me scratching my head.

    What is the best site to use to figure the EFC? (That's Estimated Family Contribution, right?)

    Thank you again for your reply, and I'm looking forward to hearing and sharing good news (and commiserating with the bad) with all the moms and dads and kids of this class!
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  • BunHeadMomBunHeadMom 743 replies4 threads Member
    Welcome to high school in a few months, Class of 2018!
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  • HeliMom74HeliMom74 550 replies32 threads Member
    I can't quite wrap my head around my "baby" (he's taller than I am) being in high school within a few months.
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